Nine tips to make your sex life better

Indulge in the most fervent, most satisfying sex, and devote yourself to the pleasure that sex brings to you. According to a recent survey, women who experienced the highest levels of sexual satisfaction and longest-lasting orgasms were the least likely to be distracted during intercourse. "That means during intercourse they focus on arousal and the pleasurable feelings that come with it.

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The Three Most Popular Sex Positions

The "hanging foot method" is generally welcomed by men. The method is that women lie on their backs and men perform normal postures. When men are doing sexual exercises, they slowly lift their bodies up, take time and atmosphere, and move women's feet towards themselves. put on the body. At this time, the penis is inserted horizontally at 90 degrees, so you can feel the depth of the insertion.

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Adult products - read your implicit or unrestrained sexual impulses through your favorites

Different types of people will choose adult products that suit them to provide better help for their sex life. For example, older men like to use time-delay products, young couples usually use contraceptive products, and newlyweds buy sex-enhancing products, etc. And through the analysis of commonly used adult products, we can understand the inner sexual desire of the user, let us know more about the emotion we need, let us say goodbye to restraint to face up to sexual impulse, and discover a more confident and sunny self. Next, let's start with adult products and explore everyone's true desires.

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Self-pleasure is freedom - which masturbation channels can make us high

Masturbation is often associated with shame, negative and critical views in life. Many people maintain a prejudice against masturbation, thinking that masturbation represents a wretched image, and they are ashamed to talk about masturbation. As a channel to solve physiological needs, masturbation , like sexual intercourse, can bring people pleasure, allowing us to obtain intense pleasure in a short period of time, relieve stress and relax our body and mind. Masturbation is not a bad thing that endangers physical and mental health. We should pursue higher-quality masturbation methods to bring us a happier and more free single sex life experience.

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Twenty sex tips to create a perfect sex life

Masturbation is the perfect medicine for everyday problems like stress and anxiety. If you have problems with orgasm or your boyfriend is a premature ejaculator, this can work really well for you. Sex education scholars point out that this is a very good way to help you find out what suits you in bed, and using professional adult toys can help you get more intense pleasure.

Sex Tips

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Simple and Effective Love Preservation Method Commonly Used Between Couples

No woman will tell you directly: You are too young, your time is short, and you are not hard, so you can't give me an orgasm. She would just say "sorry, our personalities don't get along" in a tactful way. Repeat in every room, if you have experienced the taste of making love on the rocking chair in the bedroom, you can enter a deeper level of sex. Hard and long to truly love her! Well, let's follow me to find out.

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The Private Fun of the Ancients: Playing with Sex Toys in Endless Romance (Part 1)

Classical beauties are usually gentle and graceful in our impression, full of demure and elegant demeanor, and even their smiles are very reserved. But what we didn't expect is that the ancient beauties who look so shy and gentle have a romantic and bold side. Their private houses are extremely fun. In the years of ancient closed boudoirs, many classic sex toys have been developed, and they are also modern sex toys. ancestors. Next, let us take a look at the private houses of ancient beauties and witness their romantic history.

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Are you still facing the lonely late night alone?

Sex toys refer to some appliances that can help men and women overcome their sexual difficulties and complete sexual responses like normal people, but they are not omnipotent, they can only help to cause or increase the excitability of sexual organs. The use of sex toys has a long history and is widely used in various cultures. …

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4 major sex skills: a wave of pleasure hits

The thought of "sex" stimulates the production of endorphins in the body, providing the same effect as the hormones produced during orgasm. Before enjoying the joy of rain and water with the person you like, you can recall the previous passionate games between the two of you. If the situation permits, you might as well stimulate the sensitive areas by yourself to let the passion boil; when you are in the rain with him, don’t forget to think about the scene in the A movie The wonderful picture simulates the performance to ensure that your blood will boil immediately and the climax will come...

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9 tricks to make orgasm no longer hard to find

Nine out of ten modern women feel they are overweight. When meeting naked, this kind of self-deprecating view sometimes prevents two people from enjoying their due fun. For example, people who think their breasts are too small may feel inferior when their partner touches their breasts, and subconsciously avoid his hands, or guide him to pay attention to other places. Over time, such signals can bother the partner and thus affect the sexual relationship. …
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Eight ways to add points for "sexual happiness", eight sex skills that must be seen!

Eight ways to add points for "sexual happiness", eight skills that must be seen!

  1. Have sex at least once a week
    Having sex at least once a week can keep illness and depression at bay. Scientific studies have proven that regular reproductive stimulation can boost the immune system, help reduce headaches, reduce stress, and more.
  2. Increases Orgasmic Potential To help achieve orgasm, regularly exercise the abdominal wall muscles, the PC muscles. When urinating, stop for dozens of times in the middle, and then relax. Tighten and relax 30 to 40 times a day, you can have a satisfying...


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Long-lasting sex secrets: "marathon" sex skills

Sex can not last, men will naturally think of "premature ejaculation". The length of male sexual intercourse is closely related to mood, environment, age, physique, sexual experience, and cooperation between the two parties. You should not just blame yourself for being "not good" and worry about it. Time adjustment can prolong intercourse time, don't always have to worry about it again...

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