The so-called sex toys refer to some appliances that can help men and women overcome their sexual difficulties and complete sexual responses like normal people, but they are not omnipotent, they can only help to cause or improve the excitability of sexual organs. The use of sex toys has a long history and is widely used in various cultures.

Various sexual tools are introduced in "Jin Ping Mei", and there are also such descriptions in paintings of ancient Greece and Rome. Currently clinically commonly used are:

1. Negative pressure suction device- masturbation cup
Masturbation cups come in various forms, becoming more sophisticated and more advanced, but they remain the same. It is nothing more than passive erection or swelling of the penis through negative pressure, and then fixed at the root of the penis with a tourniquet to maintain the erection of the penis state. But this kind of erection is often not very full, so the penis is mostly in a suspended state instead of being firm, so the patient may feel unsatisfactory.

Electric Masturbation Cup

2. Vibration ring The use of the vibration ring can produce a "grip" effect on the root of the penis, reduce the return of blood in the penis veins, fully fill the blood in the cavernous body of the penis, and promote the continued erection of the penis. Combined with the massage effect, it can enhance the degree of erection, prolong the erection time, and enhance sexual function. It is suitable for erectile dysfunction and also has a significant effect on overcoming premature ejaculation.

Vibration collar

3. Real doll
It is helpful to impotence patients. Because the false vagina contains an oscillator or a peristaltic device, it can massage and stimulate the penis to a certain extent, which is helpful for its functional recovery.

real doll

4. Massage stick
The massage stick 0000 is mostly driven by a small motor to drive a cam device, thereby generating an oscillation with a frequency of 80 times per second or an oscillation with an adjustable frequency. This high-frequency stimulation is likely to arouse the continuous growth of sexual excitement, and make the patients who do not ejaculate quickly break through the orgasm threshold and overcome the orgasm obstacle.

massage stick

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