Classical beauties are usually gentle and graceful in our impression, full of demure and elegant demeanor, and even their smiles are very reserved. But what we didn't expect is that the ancient beauties who look so shy and gentle have a romantic and bold side. Their private houses are extremely fun. In the years of ancient closed boudoirs, many classic sex toys have been developed, and they are also modern sex toys. ancestors. Next, let us take a look at the private houses of ancient beauties and witness their romantic history.

1. Burmese Bell - a small bell that walks in the honey hole

Burmese bell originated in Burma, it is a sex toy with complex craftsmanship. It looks like a small bell with rolling beads inside. Burmese bells are suitable for women. Before use, soak them in warm water or place them next to the fire to heat them up. Insert them into the vagina, which will automatically arouse the vibration of the internal balls and stimulate the vagina to produce pleasure. It is the originator of Tiaodan , and its subtlety is that it can vibrate automatically without external force, and women can enjoy the pleasure just by inserting it, which is convenient and fast.

Mian Ling

2. Swim bladder - the savior to avoid being recruited

Women in ancient times also had the trouble of contraception, especially the oiran ladies in brothels, who often dealt with different men and were always worried about unwanted pregnancy. In ancient times when there were no condoms, fish maw was the contraceptive savior for women. It is an organ used by fish to inflate and discharge gas, and has strong elasticity and airtightness. Wash it before use, wrap it on the male penis like a condom, wash it thoroughly afterwards and dry it, and it can be used repeatedly.

swim bladder condom

3. Mr. Jiao - You can enjoy yourself without a husband

Mr. Jiao is a mysterious baby who often appears in the boudoir of lonely women as a substitute for their husbands. Its appearance is similar to that of a male penis, and its main materials are jade, antler, ceramics, bone, etc. Mr. Horn can be soaked in warm water before use. At the same time, you can fill the hollow Mr. Horn with warm water and insert it into the female vagina to start masturbating. It is usually stored in the back room of the boudoir and appears on the bed at night, bringing women sexual pleasure, and it is also the originator of the modern analog dildo .

Mr horn dildo

4. Double-headed dildo - good girlfriends to climax together

The daily life of women in ancient times was relatively monotonous and boring, especially the women in the palace and deep-seated households were more restrained and depressed, and it became the norm for three or five girlfriends to pass the time together. Due to the ancient system of respecting wives and concubines, many women shared a husband, and each woman had very little sex life, so this wonderful thing-a double-headed penis was born. The two women lay down facing each other, pointed the two ends of the penis to the vaginas of both parties, and stuffed them together. Two people can twist their bodies at the same time, rub each other's private parts to produce pleasure, and finally reach an orgasm.

double dildo

5. Sexy apron ——untie the underwear and enjoy the happy together

The apron is an ancient woman's close-fitting clothing, usually made of silk and cotton as the main material, and tied with a rope at the neck and back when wearing it. In the era of strict etiquette in ancient times, women's daily dress must be elegant and regular, and the whole body cannot be exposed at will. Bellybands are the carrier for women to express their inner desires, and they can express their feminine characteristics freely. Adolescent girls can choose aprons embroidered with flowers, butterflies and small animals; Married women can choose bright and eye-catching aprons, which can stimulate the sex when they have sex with their husbands; brothel girls can choose aprons like tulle, which are semi-transparent and faintly visible , Sexy breasts arouse endless desire.

Sexy bellyband

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