The "hanging foot method" popular with men
The "hanging foot method" is generally welcomed by men. The method is that women lie on their backs and men perform normal postures. When men are doing sexual exercises, they slowly lift their bodies up, take time and atmosphere, and move women's feet towards themselves. put on the body. At this time, the penis is inserted horizontally at 90 degrees, so you can feel the depth of the insertion.
Of course, in the normal asana, first pull up the penis, and then lift up the woman's feet.
At this time, the female genitals can be seen, which brings inexplicable excitement through vision. Women, on the other hand, are coyed by gazing at their genitals, but equally arousing. In some abnormal postures, women may be able to obtain pleasure that is not available in ordinary asanas. As a further development of the "hanging foot method", only half of the woman's back is left on the bed, and the man leans on the side of the bed to support the weight of each other's bodies.

sexual position

Suspended waist-hanging posture method, the pleasure of juggling acrobatics This posture method is also based on the normal posture method. During the sexual exercise, the woman's body is pulled up with appropriate timing. The method is that the man stands on his knees, hugs the woman's buttocks to the waist with his hands, and then stands up, so that the woman's waist is suspended in the air, similar to the "handstand" in Chinese dramas. Since the woman is in an inverted position, the man can witness the combination of his penis and vagina, and the expression of the woman indulging in pleasure will enhance the pleasure of the man.
Because the penis can be inserted very deeply in this posture, and through sexual exercise, women can swing hard, so that they can turn up and down, etc. Both of them can enjoy the fun of sex, but for women, this is a kind of Very uncomfortable position, especially after the penis is inserted, the pain is different from other positions. Therefore, men should not be too reluctant to force women to perform this asana. In fact, this kind of posture is very tiring for both men and women. It must be performed when the physical fitness is better, and it can also be regarded as a kind of foreplay.

Using the function of women's waist twisting can get full marks in terms of rigor. This method is derived from the normal posture method, and some people think it is converted from the front side posture method. In any case, it is adapted to the situation at that time. of.
The method is: first move the woman's buttocks to the edge of the bed, and insert the penis in a normal posture. At this time, the man's calf has been suspended in the air, but he uses his knees to support his body, and grasps the woman's two calves with both hands to do left and right movements. How to cross the feet depends on the wishes of the man. Due to the altered angle of the penis and vagina and the ability to rub against the side walls of the vagina, stimulation occurs in a different way than normal. And because the male's feet are on the bed, sexual movements can be carried out without hindrance. In addition, because it is face to face, breasts can be caressed, and since the woman's vagina is tightly closed due to her crossed feet, it is okay to forcefully reach in and caress the clitoris.
If the woman twists her waist in pain, stop temporarily. On the contrary, if women can adapt and lean back, it is also a pleasure to listen to the changes.

Posterior position and its application: beneficial for pregnancy, gently inserted after foreplay The posterior position is that both men and women lie on their sides, and the woman accepts the penis insertion from behind. The method is that the man should hold each other tightly from the back of the woman. If the right side is down, the left hand can move freely, so he can gently caress the woman's neck, abdomen, etc. Because of this posture, women cannot actively participate, but they can fully accept the man's caress to increase pleasure. After the foreplay, insert the penis into the vagina slowly, in order to turn around slightly, and the upper body will leave the woman.
The position of the man can determine the depth of the union and the degree of sexual movement. If it is still not enough, the man can use the right hip to lift the upper body, and the posture of holding the female thigh with the left hand can make the union deeper and more satisfying.

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