1. Have sex at least once a week Surveys show that having sex at least once a week can keep you away from illness and depression. It appears that reproductive stimulation makes the immune system more effective, relieves headaches and acne, and eases the pain of everyday life, among other things.

Sex Tips

2. Don't be surprised by unresponsiveness Contrary to popular belief, erections are not something a person can actively control, so exhaustion and stress are the most common causes of unresponsiveness. Statistics show that one in seven men (age 16 or older) will experience this type of erection problem at least four times a year.

3. Minimize distractions during sex Watching TV in bed was recently voted the biggest libido killer. The flickering light on the TV screen will obviously make you sleepy, make you less sexually sensitive, and can completely ruin your entire evening of "sex". If you want to have better sex, turn off the TV and start.

4. Improve Your Orgasm Potential For better orgasms, exercise your abdominal wall muscles. Also known as the C (pubococcygeus) muscle, this is what you use when you pee. All you need to do is separate these muscles. Just stop for a count of five while urinating, and then relax. Once you get that feeling, tighten and relax 20 times a day (on the table, on the bus, while watching TV), and gradually increase to 50 times.

5. Find your G-spot The elusive G-spot isn't so elusive if you know how to find it. The method is to look for it during sex, and this is when the G-spot will appear. Insert a finger into the vagina, advancing five centimeters, feeling the front of the vaginal wall. When you feel a swollen tissue, look at it, that's your G-spot.

6. Grab the Erotic Zones of Your Body Erotic zones—the body's sex sensors—are found all over the body, not just in the genital area. These places can give you the same thrill during foreplay, sex, and even after sex if the fondling is done properly.

7. Get regular health checks Nothing can ruin your sex life like coeliac pain, premenstrual pain, itching, and mysterious discharge. If you notice anything that worries you (even a strange smell), it's a good idea to get it checked out by your doctor, even if you're 100 percent sure it's not an STD.

8. Reassess your contraception. We all know that condoms are the only way to avoid STDs and AIDS, but with ever-changing birth control methods on the market, you better know more. Even if you've tried something before and failed with luck, it's worth checking out what's new.

9. Change the missionary position (man on top of woman down position)

10. Forget sex statistics. Sex therapists point out that if you want to have a better sex life, start ignoring statistics about how often other people have sex. That kind of data can only lead to a sense of sexual insecurity and unworthiness, which can lead to a decline in the quality of your sex life.

11. Changing Positions Eight percent of people use the male-on-female position as their preferred sex position. If you want more out of sex, turn it upside down—literally.

12. Take a banana to bed but not for the reason you think. Gum is rich in B vitamins, so eating bananas can improve the quality of your sex life and orgasm by increasing blood circulation to your sexual organs.

13. If you have cold sores, don't kiss each other. A cold sore on the mouth is a type of herpes. They are not the same species as genital herpes, but if you have oral sex while you have this type of herpes on your mouth, the result could be that through sexual contact, the virus mutates and your partner changes Genital herpes.

14. Use condoms during your menstrual period Whether you choose to have sex during your menstrual period is a personal preference. If you're going to do that, use a condom because your cervix is ​​more open at this stage and therefore more susceptible to infection.

15. Forget about simultaneous orgasms. They do it, but that's because they're faking it (even in porn movies). The odds of you two screaming until the house falls together are slim, and the end result of trying too hard and trying to achieve this is to make your orgasm no longer exist at all, stop trying to orgasm at the same time.

16. Talking about yourself makes you have a better sex life. It is estimated that about 90 percent of those who are sexually unhappy are because they find it very embarrassing to talk about sex. Worried about your partner not being able to take criticism? You might be surprised by his reaction. In a recent survey about sex, about 95 percent of men wanted him to

17. Exercising three times a week isn't just for your health, it's for your stronger sex, your orgasmic potential, and your sexual stamina.

18. Have sex in the morning. Testosterone in men has a very precise daily rhythm. Generally, the levels will be higher in the morning (as you probably know), lower in the late afternoon (when he feels tired), and very low at night (when he needs to sleep).

19. It can instantly change your face. Remind yourself that having sex three times a week can make you look seven to twelve years younger. But occasional sex, due to stress, can have the opposite effect.

20. Masturbate more. Masturbation is the perfect medicine for everyday problems like stress and anxiety. If you have problems with orgasm or your boyfriend is a premature ejaculator, this can work really well for you. Sex education scholars point out that this is a very good way to help you find out what suits you in bed, and using professional adult toys can help you get more intense pleasure. If you think not many people do it, then consider that 90 percent of people say they masturbate at least once a week.


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