1. More sexual preludes What if his sudden and rapid penetration turns you on? Maybe you need to give him a break. Let him lie down quietly while petting and kissing him for about 30 minutes. He won't necessarily reciprocate. "If a man doesn't enjoy the attempt, he's usually the type to rush through foreplay and not have satisfying sex," says Dr. Howard Ruppel. "Fortunately this attempt will change the guy, Continued until he was past his prime.

2. A better way of oral sex If possible, oral sex between two people can be carried out on the stairs: the woman sits on the stairs with a pillow cushion, and the male partner sits on the next step between the woman's two thighs. The better movement of the man's neck and head will also give the woman a better view and easier access to lip stimulation from her partner's genitals. You can also use a masturbation cup or an attractive massage stick as an aid during oral sex, the effect is even better!

3. More intimacy "To get incredible orgasms, you need more cooperation from your sex partner; you both need to feel trusted and locked in," says Barbara Keesling, M.D., a sexual therapist. To create this wonderful feeling, you can get naked: Sit with your back against a wall and rest your partner's head on your lap, tender enough to wrap your arms around him. Feel each other's warmth, breath and heartbeat. Then change the position of each other and repeat the above action.

4. A Better Kiss "The lips are very sensitive; only the clitoris is actually more nerve-wracked and more sensitive than the lips," says Daniel S. Stein, MD. He also recommends varying your performance from time to time based on the following five kissing techniques.
1). Lips: You and your partner slide your lips against each other like you're trying to catch a pudding falling from a spoon.
2). Tongue movement method: the tissue under the tongue is very sensitive, just like the bulge under the upper lip.
3). Loving Nibbles
4). Sucking: Suck the other person's tongue to stimulate the salivary glands below, but the other person will produce sweet saliva.
5). Blowing method: Inhaling and sucking out the other party's wet lips can especially arouse sexual desire.


5. More morning sex When you don't want to see and smell your drunk partner at night, Rachel Swift recommends that you lie on your partner's right side in the morning, lift your right leg, and place his right leg on the Under your right leg and over your left leg, making sure his right thigh is between yours. Insert his penis into your vagina and adjust your upper body so that you can kiss him comfortably. It's also great for when you're tired, as Swift notes that "this position allows for very easy and comfortable penis penetration, without both partners supporting each other, and allowing for a slight change of position.

6. A better sex device Regular pillows are the most overlooked sex toys, Lou Paget points out, using one or two pillows can spice up your sex life tonight.
l) prop him up with pillows: "Guys like to watch you give him blowjob, so prop him up with a pillow so he can see everything you do to him very clearly," says Paget.
2) Place a pillow under his chest: This will put his neck at an ideal and comfortable angle for oral sex.
3) Pile pillows in the corner: create a new space for blitz sex without leaving a trace.

Or you can choose the right adult toys to increase the fun of foreplay.

7. A better position Everyone knows about the clitoris, but you may not know that the cervix is ​​also a pleasure center, rich in highly sensitive nerve endings. According to a women's research organization, only half of 106 healthy and educated women knew that repeatedly rubbing the cervix with the tip of the penis would lead to orgasm. Winnifred B. Cutler, MD, Ph.D., believes that "there may be more women who have never had an orgasm this way. Lying on your back and trying to lift your legs as high as possible will shorten the vaginal duct and make it easier for the penis to reach the penis." cervix.

8. A more beautiful orgasm to enjoy the most eager and satisfying sex, and devote yourself to the happiness that sex brings to you. According to a recent survey, women who experienced the highest levels of sexual satisfaction and longest-lasting orgasms were the least likely to be distracted during intercourse. "That means that during sexual intercourse they focus on the arousal of sexual desire and the pleasurable feelings it brings." Purdue University author Natalie Dove said. They never get the satisfaction of an orgasm because they are distracted during intercourse. The main reason is that they worry about how they look during sex. "If you're worried about how you look during sex and you're uncomfortable and resentful about it, it's very difficult for both partners to have pleasurable sex," Dove says. Here are some worrying about your appearance practices that keep you from fully dedicating yourself to great sex.
1) Turn off the lights during intercourse and do it in the dark
2) Never want your sex partner to see you naked
3) Very worried about how your sexual partner perceives your image during sexual intercourse. In order to prevent anxiety about appearance, you cannot make yourself enjoy pleasure during sexual intercourse, and let yourself completely indulge in the feeling of mutual care, touching, caressing and kissing , try it tonight.

9. Better Sexual Smell According to David Kantor, MD, the family therapist, the most reliable way to detect sexual desire is to use your nose: Because sexual desire is most closely linked to the sense of smell, in order for you to take full advantage of it, For your sexual perception, here are some practical suggestions:

·Experience how you feel about each other: Reminisce about each other's best scents and the time you first felt it. Act now.

·Keep you as close to each other as possible: When he travels, put his shirt on in bed. When you travel, pack his clothes in your luggage to reduce the distance between you and him.

After intercourse, feel it again: Feel the smell of the sheets after sex while asking for his attention.

·Reparate the damage from your fights: Arouse his sexual scent from your memory. (he can too)

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