With the continuous development and progress of the times, we have higher and higher requirements for the quality of personal life, and we are more and more unwilling to be content with the monotonous and ordinary night life, and begin to pursue rich and exciting multiple experiences. Adult products bring you a wide variety of sexual life experiences, allowing people to gain pleasure and psychological satisfaction during use, and are favored by consumers. Different types of people will choose adult products that suit them to provide better help for their sex life. For example, older men like to use time-delay products, young couples usually use contraceptive products, and newlyweds buy sex-enhancing products, etc. And through the analysis of commonly used adult products, we can understand the inner sexual desire of the user, let us know more about the emotion we need, let us say goodbye to restraint to face up to sexual impulse, and discover a more confident and sunny self. Next, let's start with adult products and explore everyone's true desires.

1. Masturbation cup—what is the wife that a man needs most? Masturbation cup can be said to be the favorite adult product for single men. It can accompany you in every lonely night and let you vent your inner sexual desire. Masturbation cups come in different types and body sensations. Through the different sizes of the inner wall, different effects can be achieved, such as tight girls, mature wives, petite loli and so on. Youthful and ignorant young men tend to prefer tight and girly masturbation cups, fantasizing about having sex with their classmates. This preference comes from their affection for the women around them during their studies, and they put their emotions on the masturbation process to achieve both physical and psychological satisfaction. ; Middle-aged men will choose two types of masturbators: mature wives and tight girls. This preference comes from their admiration for young women in middle age, and they are eager to regain the pleasure of years ago. It provides a great experience, and has the same unique charm as women with rich sexual experiences, which can satisfy their sexual needs very well.

Aircraft Cup

2. Massage stick - what are the characteristics of men who are most attractive to women ? Massage sticks provide a convenient and comfortable sexual experience for single women. A small one contains infinite magic power. The use process is wonderful, saving women from loneliness. Be careful. Conservative women tend to buy simple masturbation sticks, choose a private space when using them, and store them carefully after masturbating. This preference comes from the traditional concept of suppressing female sexual behavior, which believes that the pursuit of pleasure and stimulation is a shameful idea. These women are easily constrained by the social environment and need enlightenment and adjustment to truly have a free and romantic private life. Women who are more active and open will buy some novelty masturbation sticks, such as vibration function, strange appearance, more experience and so on. This preference comes from women's inner pursuit of freedom, thinking that self-needs should be met, bravely facing sexual desires, and trying different adult products. They have bolder ideas in sex life and can enjoy more romantic experiences.
massage stick
3. Sexy lingerie - role-playing is extremely tempting. Sexy lingerie is an adult product favored by women. It can show women's physical advantages and attract men to have sexual desires. Sexy lingerie is mainly made of lace and cotton, and is specially tailored for sensitive parts of women's bodies, showing a sexy and charming figure in a faintly visible way. The more common underwear uniforms are nurses, stewardesses and students. These roles are conservative and rigorous in daily life, but many men have an adventurous and challenging mentality, hoping to conquer and break the rules, and they are full of desire to conquer these roles. When a woman appeared in front of him in uniform, the fighting power in the man's heart immediately increased, and he couldn't wait to fight.
sexy lingerie
4. SM props - the sadomasochistic tendency deep inside SM training is the most hidden and private way of playing in the relationship between the sexes. It consists of a sadist (S) and a masochist (M), and a lot of assistance will be used in the process A training tool to achieve the effect of abuse and sadism. SM props include whips, butt plugs, binding ropes and nipple clamps, etc., which cause mild pain and intense pleasure to the abused. S, as the guide of the training process, is in a strong dominant position, usually an extrovert with bold behavior, and has a strong sexual interest in the pain of others; while M is the passive recipient of the training, who feels pleasure in the face of a series of insults, contrasting content Strong, to reap the unattainable happiness in life. These people are more restrained in their daily life, have a lot of pressure and cannot vent, and use this special channel to relieve their emotions.

5. Contraceptive products—protective measures are needed to enjoy the world of two. Contraceptive measures are essential behaviors for both partners during sexual life. They can effectively prevent unwanted pregnancy and reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, urinary system diseases and gynecological diseases. Contraceptive measures can be divided into two categories, male and female, and the specific methods of use are divided according to different users. Condoms are the most common product in male contraceptive measures. They are worn on the male genitalia to prevent sperm from entering the female vagina and reduce the risk of disease. Condoms are the first choice for couples seeking safe and efficient contraceptive methods, with a success rate of over 90%. Some couples who value the quality of sexual life will choose female contraceptives, that is, contraceptive gel, which is squeezed into the vagina to form a protective layer before use, which can reduce the risk of pregnancy, but there is a risk of unwanted pregnancy due to improper use, which is not conducive to women Good health will lead to consequences such as subsequent pregnancy and abortion. Couples who prefer this contraceptive method do not pay much attention to risk prevention and are prone to greater harm. They should appropriately improve their own health protection.

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