5 tricks to get you straight to orgasm

How to please a person in bed is not an innate instinct. No matter how careful or enthusiastic a man is, he cannot learn the way to let a woman enter the wild state without interactive communication. After making love, tell the man in a gentle way what to do to make her achieve a more perfect orgasm


February 28, 2023 — BeYourLover亞太華語

Sex exercises make you a sex goddess

Frigidity? Lack of orgasm? Is the quality of sex life not as good as before due to childbirth? Now, I recommend a set of sexual exercises to make you a goddess of sex.

Sexual exercises

January 11, 2023 — BeYourLover亞太華語

Top 6 Sex Scenes Women Love

Even dignified ladies have dreams of indulgence. 4,000 young women answered honestly, leaving us with seven real picture scrolls. The deep desire of women for indulgence is clearly revealed in the picture scrolls. They may not say it, but they bury it. In the bottom of their hearts, there is a secret that cannot be revealed: Although the possibility is very small, they still want to have a very passionate relationship at a very special place, at a very special time.

pool sex

January 10, 2023 — BeYourLover亞太華語

Various sex positions show different pleasure

In sex, there are traditional postures of men on top of women, postures imitating animal sex, postures of women on top of men, and more infinitely varied postures. So, what exactly does the erotic gesture bring us?

sex position

January 08, 2023 — BeYourLover亞太華語

10 Super Practical Sex Tips for Mature Women--BeYourLover Asia Pacific Chinese

Modern girls should not pretend to be ladies. "Passive acceptance" in love is no longer a girl's patent. If you want it, tell him. However, we still need to pay attention to the way of "wanting", and the following "ambush from ten sides" will definitely make him surrender obediently. These 10 super practical sex skills for mature women, if he doesn't believe it, try it! ! !

sexy tempting beauty

December 15, 2022 — BeYourLover亞太華語

9 must-learn classic sex positions that cannot be missed! These Sex Positions Make Your Partner Orgasm Faster

"Sex must have an emotional basis, and sex without emotion must have good feelings and no bad feelings. Sexual behavior between a man and a woman is impossible if there is neither coercion nor emotion." Both We must pay attention to the quality of sexual life , and more importantly, to maintain each other's emotional needs. The following will introduce 9 sexual life postures that have been passed down for thousands of years.

Playing around with sex positions

December 07, 2022 — BeYourLover亞太華語