1. Have sex at least once a week
    Having sex at least once a week can keep illness and depression at bay. Scientific studies have proven that regular reproductive stimulation can boost the immune system, help reduce headaches, reduce stress, and more.


  2. Increases Orgasmic Potential To help achieve orgasm, regularly exercise the abdominal wall muscles, the PC muscles. When urinating, stop for dozens of times in the middle, and then relax. Tightening and relaxing 30 to 40 times a day can have satisfactory results.
  3. Grasp the erotic sensitive area The erotic sensitive area is not only in the genital area, but all over the body. If you caress properly, you can have a sense of stimulation.
  4. Changing Positions Most couples use traditional positions as their go-to position for sex, and it's more fun to flip them upside down.
  5. Talking about sexual fantasies will get into the mood immediately, if you are embarrassed, then let the man talk first.
  6. The secretion of testosterone in men who have sex in the morning has certain rules. Generally speaking, the level of testosterone will be higher in the morning, lower in the afternoon and evening, and very low at night.
  7. People who talk more about their feelings about their unhappy sex life are mostly because they feel embarrassed to talk about sex and worry that their partner will not accept it. In fact, most men wish they could discuss their feelings with their partners.
  8. Don't refuse to masturbate. Masturbation with a special massage stick is a good medicine to solve sexual problems. If the woman fails to achieve orgasm or the man ejaculates prematurely, it will have very good results.

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