Seven Body Signals That Say You're Desiring Sex

Fangzhong's monograph "Su Nv Jing" has developed, and on the basis of "Eight Views", two points, women's Yin fluid overflow and lubrication and women's soft lying and straight lying, have been added. Here are seven body signals that women desire sex:

sex position

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How to prolong sex time healthily and naturally

Driven by vanity, every man hopes that he can fight more and more courageously, fighting ten rounds a night, but unless you are a young man in his teens or twenties, otherwise, the younger you are, the more hopeless you will be. The courage of the year. Here are some natural tricks, which may really make you invulnerable and ecstasy every night. But the first thing you need to understand is that men can have two manifestations of fighting and fighting, one is a long duration, and the other is a short refractory period (the time required for a second erection). Different people behave differently, and you should decide which aspect of yourself to strengthen based on your own situation.

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Eight ways to add points for "sexual happiness", eight sex skills that must be seen!

Eight ways to add points for "sexual happiness", eight skills that must be seen!

  1. Have sex at least once a week
    Having sex at least once a week can keep illness and depression at bay. Scientific studies have proven that regular reproductive stimulation can boost the immune system, help reduce headaches, reduce stress, and more.
  2. Increases Orgasmic Potential To help achieve orgasm, regularly exercise the abdominal wall muscles, the PC muscles. When urinating, stop for dozens of times in the middle, and then relax. Tighten and relax 30 to 40 times a day, you can have a satisfying...


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Increased Desire: Which SM skills make you more able to conquer her heart

Many boys have seen a plot in small movies: the hero and the heroine tie up the girl when they are in love, so that they are firmly controlled by the man and at his mercy. The girls who are bound will show shyness and excitement, obviously immersed in the pleasure of bondage and unable to extricate themselves, and are willing to fall in love with men. The little friends are itching to see it, but they don't know how to use the rope binding art, and they can't imitate the essence. Next, I will introduce some binding rope skills to conquer women in minutes, so that you can become a top actor and enjoy a wonderful sex life......

1. Tie your hands behind your back - enjoy the way you can't struggle without my arms

SM tied his hands behind his back

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Eat your powerful sexual function

Eating healthy is becoming more and more important in real life. Food therapy has been widely used in disease treatment and preventive health care. Many foods can enhance male sexual function. Here are 10 common foods that can enhance sexual function in life...  

Enhance male sexual function

Five dangers of not having sex for a long time

Modern women are relatively independent financially and can take good care of themselves in life. Some women think that there is no need for them to find a partner, and feel that the other half is sometimes a burden. It is true that when women can provide themselves with better protection in terms of economy and life, their dependence on men will inevitably be greatly reduced. But this does not mean that women do not need the opposite sex, especially the physiological needs, which are the key factors that cannot be ignored...

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Tips to Make Her Horny in 15 Minutes

1. Gently hold her hand and kiss the back of her fingers. A well-known nail painting master secretly told me that fingers are actually the erogenous zone that is most neglected by women.

2. Turn her hands over, palms up. As for you, with your mouth tightly closed, use your lips to gently press the thickest and softest part of her palm. Slowly press down on her wrist until your lips feel the pulse of his wrist. The time required for this phase...

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4 Sex Tips for Couples to Make Love Last Longer

Men use sexual techniques basically to give women greater pleasure and impact, but women use sexual techniques for a different purpose. They need to start with prolonging men's time and making short-term sex more lasting. The following four sexual skills are absolutely practical and easy to use. Friends in need can try them out, so that you can have a more lasting pleasure...

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Awaken the latent love desire——the five places where couples experience climaxes most

The love between men and women is an essential and basic need of human beings. Most people have desire and pursuit for sex life. The quality of sex life can directly affect people's thoughts, emotions and emotional relationships: high-quality sex life makes us have a pleasant mood and a healthy relationship between the sexes, making the relationship between the two parties more intimate; while the long-term unsatisfied sexual needs It can damage our mental health, make people depressed and listless, reduce the interaction between two people, and even lead to the breakdown of relationships. Therefore, we need to explore the channels of sexual life that awaken our desires, improve the quality of sexual life, and have an orgasm experience with unlimited passion...

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