The thought of "sex" stimulates the production of endorphins in the body, providing the same effect as the hormones produced during orgasm. Before enjoying the joy of rain and water with the person you like, you can recall the previous passionate games between the two of you. If the situation permits, you might as well stimulate the sensitive areas by yourself to let the passion boil; when you are in the rain with him, don’t forget to think about the scene in the A movie The wonderful picture simulates the performance to ensure that your blood will boil immediately and the climax will come rolling.

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Greedy demands In order to gain satisfaction and pleasure in just a few minutes, you must abandon all etiquette and reserve when having speed sex, and tell the other party your needs directly and frankly. You can be a hot chick all you want, begging him to come in quicker, deeper or more aggressively.

Intense kisses and lingering kisses are the best sex laws to promote lust. If you want to have higher-quality and touching sex, kissing is the key to making her want to die. It can be called a foreplay cannon. Passion is conveyed through kissing, so that women can feel the passion of men. Even if there is no intercourse, the body and mind can be activated from each other's kisses. A woman's lips are the primary stronghold for a man to conquer a city and land. A man who speaks quickly and accurately will make a woman happy and Sesame will open the door.

Blindfolded sex is more enjoyable than blindfolded sex! The visual sovereignty of making love with your eyes closed is still in your hands, but when your eyes are blindfolded, the whole world enters a dark period; you need to distinguish the direction by touch or hearing. The mysterious experience brought about by being blindfolded is exciting and exciting! Because of turning a blind eye, other sensory perceptions will become sharp, and ordinary affairs will also create unprecedented surprises, forming the best sexual stimulation. You can exchange blindfolds with each other, experience complete control over each other's body, and the pleasure of being controlled.

The most taboo of having sex with the erogenous zone is to remain unchanged, and the biggest culprit for getting tired of it over time is not seeking a breakthrough. "The skin is the largest sexual organ of the human body." The erogenous zone varies from person to person. It is true that the targeted organs are quick and accurate, but unexpected touches often cause amazing stimulation. Don't let her figure out your moves, just like in a martial arts competition, although there are routines to follow in martial arts, the more superb you are, the more you can whet your opponent's appetite. Inadvertently sneaking into her erogenous zone, making her peripheral nerves feel great.

The above 4 coups are the methods that allow women to truly experience the pleasure during sex. Of course, in addition to these methods, you can also use some sex toys to assist them. With the blessing of fun, they can lubricate during sex. function, making both parties more smooth and unimpeded in sex life , and experience a more wonderful sex life

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