No woman will tell you directly: You are too young, your time is short, and you are not hard, so you can't give me an orgasm. She would just say "sorry, our personalities don't get along" in a tactful way. Repeat in every room, if you have experienced the taste of making love on the rocking chair in the bedroom, you can enter a deeper level of sex. Hard and long to truly love her! Well, let's follow me to find out.

french sex

Come to a French romantic sex If conditions permit, the French sex of the two is carried out on the stairs: the woman sits on the stairs with a pillow cushion, and the male partner sits on the next step between the woman's two thighs, which not only makes the man's neck and The better movement of the head will also allow the woman to have a better view and more convenient lip stimulation from her partner's genitals.

Appropriate use of sex toys increases sexual harmony. I believe that many friends have experienced the unsatisfactory eyes of their partners after ejaculation. They don’t know that if there are too many such situations, it will also be a big blow to the relationship between couples. The insurance of love also requires the harmony of sex. If you are unable to do what you want sometimes, try to use adult toys such as massage sticks or vibrating eggs for foreplay, so that when you have sex later, because the woman has already had an orgasm, This makes it easier to be satisfied.

Bring your bodies closer "To get your incredible orgasms, you need more cooperation from your sex partner; you both need to feel trusted and locked in. To create this wonderful feeling, you can Naked: Sit with your back against the wall, let your partner's head rest on your lap, tender enough to wrap your arms around him. Feel each other's warmth, breath and heartbeat. Then change positions, Repeat the above action.

Change the way of caressing the delicate body After several years of marriage, touching the lover often can strengthen the relationship between the two parties more than making love more often. Experts say: "Many couples may find it awkward to touch each other affectionately except when making love." Improving touching skills is to remove any obstacles to good sex results.

Comfortable sex position in the morning When you don't want to see and smell your drunk partner at night, it is recommended that you lie on the right side of your partner in the morning, lift your right leg, and put his right leg on your Under your right leg and over your left leg, making sure his right thigh is between yours. Insert his penis into your vagina and adjust your upper body so that you can kiss him comfortably. This position is also useful when you are tired, this position allows for very easy and comfortable penetration of the penis, without both parties supporting each other, and a slight change of position.

Make use of more space for sex If the bed is the only place the two of you have sex, you may be missing out on the heightened sexual pleasure you get from having sex elsewhere in your home. Starting in the kitchen, consider taking advantage of all the delicious food in your cupboards and refrigerators, which may lead you to places you haven't been before. Repeat in every room, if you have experienced the taste of making love on the rocking chair in the bedroom, you can enter a deeper level of sex.

The thin lips are very sensitive; actually only the clitoris has more nerves and higher sensitivity than the lips,” says Daniel S. Stein, M.D. He also recommends following five kissing techniques from time to time, to change your performance.
1. Lips touching: you and your partner slide your lips against each other, like you are trying to catch a pudding that is falling from a spoon;
2. Tongue movement: the tissue under the tongue is very sensitive, just like the bump under the upper lip;
3. A loving nibble;
4. Sucking: Sucking the other party's tongue, stimulating the salivary glands below, but the other party produces sweet saliva;
5. Blowing method: Inhaling and sucking out the other party's moist lips can especially arouse sexual desire.

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