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BeYourLover is a sex toy mall from Japan, mainly selling adult products of well-known brands such as SVAKOM , ZEMALIA , ToyCod, etc. The sole agent of Tara massage stick ranks No.1 in Japanese social media. And won the title of Best Seller in Amazon Japan for many years. As a new generation of online and offline comprehensive novelty gift mall, it satisfies the desire of modern urban people to seek novelty and unique experience. Welcome to visit us! Happy shopping!

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From the people
From the people
Baby received it, it is very suitable for girls to explore unknown areas of the body. A key is provided. The most important thing is to be happy. You must not have any psychological burden on things like pleasing yourself. It is very convenient to use, and the cleaning effect afterward is also very good, especially nice.
— CCak
From the people
The goods arrived just one day before my friend's birthday, just in time to give it to her, the packaging is very pink, very cute, it satisfies her girlish heart, it is very suitable for her, the quality is very good, many friends introduced this, there are many stalls, Meet all needs, the sound will still be there, but not very loud, acceptable
— Small CC Bao
From the people
The product is very safe, the size is suitable, the vibration is strong and comfortable, love it!
— it's your crane
From the people
This shape is quite cute, like a work of art, the color is also very small and fresh, very easy to use and comfortable, good mute effect, clean and hygienic to please myself, very satisfied.
— Amener
From the people
Very delicate phone, a little pleasantly surprised. Haven't used it yet, it looks good, the packaging is OK, there is no problem with the size and frequency. Will follow up later
— Fonger
From the people
perfectly worked! So comfortable! A must-have artifact for single girls! It feels a little more fun than a boyfriend! Value for money! Good reviews
— Ogi

BeYourLover Asia-Pacific Chinese website introduction

Founded in 2018, BeYourLover is an online and offline comprehensive gift mall across multiple countries and regions. Its main categories include physiological products, sex products , beauty devices, household products, health products, etc. It has a professional product development team and creative design. The team strictly controls the product quality only to improve the user experience. BeYourLover is committed to satisfying the sex life of young people, continuously improving product performance according to the psychological and physical needs of young people, and creating high-end high-quality adult products exclusively for young people. The products are all made of safe and non-toxic materials, which have undergone strict quality inspection and repeated tests to ensure that they are safe to use, better care for sensitive and delicate parts, and give it a safe and worry-free pleasure experience.

Private life pursues a comfortable and efficient experience, and professional brands will protect your love and throbbing throughout the process. Adult products are increasingly regarded as necessities of life by young people. Whether it is for couples to flirt or their own needs, they cannot do without its help. Sending a lover, love and heart-to-heart connection; sending a friend, stimulating good things and being full of happiness; sending a lover, a harmonious and satisfying relationship between the sexes.

1. Feminine massage stick : The appearance is similar to that of a male penis, and the surface material is non-toxic, harmless, safe and environmentally friendly. It can be safely used on the most delicate private parts of women. Place it in the vagina to enjoy the pleasant sex time and spend countless romantic nights with you.

2. Masturbation Cup : The appearance is pink and soft, and the inner wall is full of space. The masturbation cup made of silicone has a honey hole, and there are countless raised folds inside to restore the female vagina somatosensory, allowing users to experience the real feeling of having sex. No longer rely on manual solutions, and the Holy Grail will unlock perfect sex from now on.

3. Vibrating egg : It consists of a vibrating egg and a remote control. It is used for vibration stimulation of women's sensitive parts, speeding up the time of female orgasm and enhancing the degree of female pleasure. It can be used both inside and outside the body, safe and convenient to carry out, and enjoy the ultimate comfort of private parts anytime, anywhere.