For most people, physiological needs are frequent physical desires that need to be resolved in time to release stress. And many people are single, or couples who are in a long-distance relationship are difficult to meet, or are young students, or are divorced and widowed leading to a celibate life, unable to satisfy their biological needs by their lovers, and usually choose to masturbate to get pleasure. Masturbation is often associated with shame, negative and critical views in life. Many people maintain a prejudice against masturbation, thinking that masturbation represents a wretched image, and they are ashamed to talk about masturbation. As a channel to solve physiological needs, masturbation , like sexual intercourse, can bring people pleasure, allowing us to obtain intense pleasure in a short period of time, relieve stress and relax the body and mind. Masturbation is not a bad thing that endangers physical and mental health. We should pursue higher-quality masturbation methods to bring us a happier and more free single sex life experience.

masturbation techniques

1. Fruit party - a pure natural tool for happiness

Fruit is an essential food in our life, with attractive fragrance and delicate color, almost no one can resist the charm of fruit. In addition to eating, fruits can also have new uses. The appearance of the banana is long and hard, which perfectly fits the internal size of a woman's body. The root can be used as a handle, which is convenient for in and out of use. There is a hollow at the bottom of the peach, which, when dug deep, creates a hole that provides a suitable recreational channel for one of the male organs.

2. Home scene - rubbing corners and corners to create pleasure and happiness

Home scenes cannot do without a wide variety of furniture and facilities, such as sofas, chairs and beds. The common feature of these furniture is that the height is similar to that of the lower body and has soft corners, which are suitable for borrowing force when challenging semi-automatic masturbation, and stick sensitive parts to these corners to rub back and forth. Pay attention to the frequency and severity when rubbing, you can enjoy a different experience of freeing your hands, and easily reach orgasm. This method can be used by both men and women. It is recommended to wear soft and smooth underwear, choose a position that suits you, and start a new experience of masturbation.

sex home

3. Reproduction of the movie - the special experience of imitating the leading actor

In many movies, the masturbation channels of young male protagonists are relatively young and immature, but they left a deep impression on the audience. In "The Beautiful Legend of Sicily", the male protagonist is infatuated with the female protagonist who is ten years older than himself. He is often seduced by her posture and appearance until he can't sleep at night, and even regards the female protagonist as an object of fantasy, resulting in nocturnal emission. In "Call Me By Your Name", the male protagonist was lying on the bed, playing with a peach in his hand. He gradually became sexually interested in the round and pink peach when he was in adolescence, and dug a moist and soft cave for himself. , this scene shocked countless audiences, and people saw the special usage of juicy peach for the first time. It is recommended for people who like to try different masturbation methods to experience the unique pleasure of the movie hero.

Scene reproduction

4. Sex dolls - more gentle and well-behaved partners than real people

Almost all men have fantasized about having a gentle and well-behaved girlfriend, with whom they can unlock sexual positions and various ways to play, and satisfy all their exciting ideas, but many people stop at the stage of finding a partner, after all, there are very few ideal partners who are perfectly suitable of. The sex doll can perfectly realize the ultimate fantasy of men. The whole body height restores the real body feeling of women. Whether it is skin, bones, and body shape, it is consistent with normal women. It has multiple holes for men to experience. It can flexibly control body posture and cooperate with everything. Hard sex. Silicone Girlfriend is suitable for single men who live alone. You can change the clothing style according to your own needs. Every day is like being accompanied by a girlfriend of different styles.

sex doll

5. Bathroom Flirting - Hidden Ways to Use the Shower

Today's people pay more attention to hygiene and health, keep good personal hygiene habits, usually take a bath once a day. The most essential facility when taking a bath is the shower. By adjusting different temperatures and water flows, the whole body can be washed to achieve a clean and fragrant effect. The shower is not only used for bathing, but also can bring us different life experiences, such as masturbation. Adjust the water temperature of the shower, control the medium water flow intensity, aim at the private parts of men or women, repeatedly wash and massage, spread from the periphery of the private parts to the core of the private parts, and gradually awaken the pleasure of sensitive parts. This masturbation channel can achieve orgasm quickly, and at the same time, it takes into account the hygienic cleaning function, and is a simple and efficient masturbation method.

bathroom flirting

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