Sex can not last, men will naturally think of "premature ejaculation". The length of male sexual intercourse is closely related to mood, environment, age, physique, sexual experience, and cooperation between the two parties. You should not just blame yourself for being "not good" and worry about it. Time adjustment can prolong intercourse time without always worrying about failing again.

To sum up, the problems that plague men focus on the following four aspects:

  • There has always been an intercourse time that is too short, and every time it is unfinished or even "triggering".
  • In the past, the intercourse time was long, but it has been shortened recently.
  • Every time the wife ejaculates before she feels it or when she is interested, it is difficult for the woman to have an orgasm.
  • I have no sense of expectation for sex, and every time I deal with it hastily.

sexual distress

How to become a "marathon" player in the sex field is what all men dream of. The following are some training secrets I have compiled for you. If you can train hard, you will definitely improve your results.

  • Tip 1: "Slow down at critical moments"
    When there is a feeling of "explosion", you should withdraw or pause the twitching, so as to temporarily extinguish your "fuse", and then resume the twitching after a while, one piece and one relaxation can obviously prolong the time of sexual intercourse.

  • Tip #2: Ease off your gas pedal
    When you are "sexy", your "that" will shrink and lift up for the "final sprint", at this time you can ask her to help you release the gas pedal - pull down, which can make your body tense Nerves relax.

  • Tip 3: Close your valve
    When you are about to sprint, get off the track immediately - pull it out, let the "coach" use the index finger and middle finger to place up and down the coronal groove of "that", put the thumb on the corresponding part, and squeeze for 3-4 seconds each Relax once, close your valve, and repeat until your arousal decreases.

  • Tip Four: Lower the Center of Gravity
    Lowering your center of gravity saves your energy and relaxes your tense muscles. Let her run a distance for you, side-lying, female top, and sitting are all good choices.

  • Tip Five: Using Illegal Drugs
    If it's not an official match, a little topical illicit drug is fine: condoms, various topical oils (which can boost your stamina), and cold compresses on "that" can also benefit you.

  • Tip Six: Use a Feminine Massager
    Some of you might be wondering, why would I use a female vibrator when I'm just trying to prolong my time? As we all know, women can have multiple orgasms, and the critical point of orgasm is lower each time. After a woman has an orgasm, her body will become quite sensitive, and perhaps only a little stimulation is needed later to make her girlfriend have another orgasm. climax.

  • Tip Seven: Increase the emotional appeal of sex
    It’s the same sex every time, which may make you lack the passion of life. At this time, it may be due to the body’s boredom period, which will also cause a significant drop in time. It is also a good way to prolong the time by letting the other party wear sexy lingerie and let the brain be in the state of exploring the unknown world

November 30, 2022 — BeYourLover亞太華語

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