Modern women are relatively independent financially and can take good care of themselves in life. Some women think that there is no need for them to find a partner, and feel that the other half is sometimes a burden. It is true that when women can provide themselves with better protection in terms of economy and life, their dependence on men will inevitably be greatly reduced. However, this does not mean that women do not need the opposite sex, especially the physiological needs, which are the key factors that cannot be ignored.

1. There is a direct link between women's lack of sex and gynecological diseases. Because they have not had sex for a long time, adult women will have more difficulty in gynecological examination than other women of the same age, and their pain will be more obvious.

2. Once a woman lacks sexual nourishment, she must be under a lot of pressure in life. After all, she will worry about why her man treats her like this. A woman who thinks too much will not sleep well. Disordered thoughts, can such a woman be younger than others?

3. Women’s long-term lack of normal sex life or sexual depression will lead to disuse atrophy of their sexual function, decrease or dryness of vaginal secretions, and decline of disease resistance, which may cause vaginal infectious diseases, cervicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease, etc. .

4. Women who have not had sex for a long time tend to have indifferent emotions towards sex, which will make people's sexual function decline, and even enter menopause early. Human physiological functions must follow the laws of nature. When the body feels that this function is not needed by you, it will end its mission. Sex is the latest system to mature, and it is also the earliest system to decline. People or animals are always the strongest and most creative when their sexual desire is strongest and their reproductive power is strongest. This is a reproductive characteristic bestowed by nature. When humans When sexuality declines, people are also aging, and all organs will enter a period of decline.

5. After a few months of abstinence, a woman's sexual desire can completely disappear, and the process of awakening sexual desire will be slowed down when she needs to resume her sexual life. When resuming sexual life, there will be a feeling of pain due to the decrease of vaginal discharge, and there may be problems with orgasm disorder. Long-term absence of sex life will also lead to changes in women's psychology and behavior, making them easy to lose themselves and often distressed by unrealistic ideas. Symptoms such as sleep disturbance, headache, and stomach cramps may even appear. Women want to be healthier. In addition to satisfying themselves materially and enriching themselves spiritually, they must also pay attention to their physical needs. However, you must be cautious when choosing the other half. After all, two people enter the palace of marriage. Once they enter the marriage relationship mode, it also means more responsibilities. Finding a man with character and responsibility is the foundation. The economic base will be better off.

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