The love between men and women is an essential and basic need of human beings. Most people have desire and pursuit for sex life. The quality of sex life can directly affect people's thoughts, emotions and emotional relationships: high-quality sex life makes us have a pleasant mood and a healthy relationship between the sexes , making the relationship between the two parties more intimate; while the long-term unsatisfied sexual needs It can damage our mental health, make people depressed and listless, reduce the interaction between two people, and even lead to the breakdown of relationships. Therefore, we need to explore the channels of sexual life that awaken our desires, improve the quality of sexual life, and have an orgasm experience with unlimited passion.

The following will introduce to you: several places to improve the pleasure of sexual life. Fall in love every minute and start a bold love adventure.

1. Open-air beach-the waves blow the fine sand, and you have rough waves. As the name suggests, on the open-air beach, two people perform wonderful human reproduction behaviors. Requirements: beach mat, tent, and sexy swimwear . Look for a low tide time period (the sea water during high tide time will wash you who are happy on the shore directly into the sea), preferably in the evening when there are few people, put on sexy swimsuits and lay out beach mats. What follows is a happy moment where passion and wonder coexist—listen to the sound of the sea breeze and tide, and start a wonderful sex life with your lover along with the rhythm of the waves. At this moment, the world in your eyes is only each other, girls can moan and pant wantonly, boys are wild Conquer your lover with all your might.

sunny beach

2. The secret of the garden - the most amazing flower among the flowers is me under you. This is a romantic and beautiful place to try love, and explore the secrets of Adam and Eve in the garden. Find a more private garden where you can gather with your loved ones in the flowers at night. A comfortable chair on which the girl lies, and the boy can have sex with the girl in a comfortable position. The most beautiful flower in the world is a beautiful girl bathing in love, her face is reddish and moaning softly, and her delicate face is more attractive under the moisture of a boy.

secret garden

3. The scenery on the top floor - looking up at the quiet starry sky, panting and moaning and sultry. On the roof of a high-rise building, there are thousands of stars above your head, overlooking the scenery in all directions. It is an unforgettable adventure to start a stimulating and daring sex life here. Both parties can try to take off all their clothes. The security on the roof is relatively high, and it is basically impossible to be peeped. No matter it is a backward position or a traditional position, it will add infinite pleasure, the free and dripping moan echoes in the building, and the violent private parts intercourse one after another. Couples who have shared adventures grow closer because their most memorable memories include each other.

rooftop view

4. Theme restaurants - I love you so much, I have thousands of gestures. I believe that many couples and friends are already eager to try love in different environments. Theme hotels provide a better place for everyone to experience. Usually, themed hotels will study people's inner sexual needs and design different types of rooms, for example: classroom themed rooms - podiums and desks are symbols of purity and sternness, where passionate lovemaking will fill the pleasure, and the strong contrast is even more Attractive; hospital examination room - a serious white coat and a quiet department, lying on the bed of a passionate couple, screaming to their heart's content resounded through the room, and the sense of shame awakened their strong love.

theme hotel
5. Bathroom play—wet body temptation newly added attack speed crit couple bathing together is simply a bliss in the world, facing each other is a naked body, the warm water drenches the whole body, the breasts and the dense small garden are dripping with water, a hand-to-hand fight is in place Inevitably. Love liquid and water flow are intertwined, filling the bathroom with an ambiguous atmosphere, and those who have tried it say it is too cool.

wet temptation

Sex out of love, love out of sex. Feel the joy in the lover's body and experience the passionate and exciting outdoor love test together. Only after experiencing it can you truly understand the pleasure, so let go of your hesitation, and go boldly with your lover to try it!

November 17, 2022 — BeYourLover亞太華語

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