Men use sexual techniques basically to give women greater pleasure and impact, but women use sexual techniques for a different purpose. They need to start with prolonging men's time and making short-term sex more lasting. The following four sexual skills are absolutely practical and easy to use. Friends who need them can try them out, so that you can enjoy them longer.

Sex skills 1. Switch to female upper male lower position

You are in the upper position, actively twitching, bumping and bumping, and controlling the strength, rhythm and swing range. Let him be as passive and inactive as possible. After half an hour or even more than an hour, when you are already emotional, you can return to the male superior, and he will lead you to the climax together.

Sex skills 2. Reduce the sensitivity of the penis

A more practical approach is to use higher quality but thicker condoms. Thicker condoms can help reduce sensitivity to the head of the penis. Another way to reduce the sensitivity of the glans is to use special ointments. The ointment works by numbing the head of the penis, which in turn makes the penis firmer for longer sex. These ointments can be purchased at regular sex shops.


Sexual skills 3. Regulate breathing and reduce the level of " sexual pressure "

Tell him that before the climax comes, try to take slow and deep breaths, psychologically "turn off" the excitement, and reduce some "sexual pressure" levels. If this procedure is repeated for a short time during sexual intercourse, the customary 2-3 minutes of sexual intercourse will be extended by 2-3 times .

Sex Tip 4. Use cold water to cool down the scrotum

Before making love, help him wet his scrotum with cold water (ice water is better) to make it shrink, and be careful not to wet the penis. During sex, you will feel that his hardness and duration have improved significantly . In addition, pausing sexual intercourse during sex, and pulling out the penis for a little "fire" for 1 to 2 seconds, will make both men and women feel more anticipation. If necessary, you can cooperate with adult products such as female massage sticks to prolong the process and reduce your sensitivity.

"Not lasting" is the most taboo in sex life. Everyone hopes that they can have strong sexual ability and let the other party enjoy the passion. However, some people's sexual love is not long enough, and they gradually stop before reaching the climax, which seriously affects the normal life. So, what are the causes of unsustainable sex? The following editor will tell you some reasons why sex does not last.

sex tips for couples

Men can't "persist", there are 9 reasons:

1 ) Sexual behavior before marriage: Some young people have sex before marriage. Due to nervousness, excitement comes quickly and in a hurry, and it is difficult to change the established way after marriage.

2 ) Sudden interruption of sexual intercourse: Some people do not want to take contraceptive measures such as using condoms and placing contraceptive rings after marriage, but use in vitro methods for contraception, because both parties are very nervous and concentrate on withdrawing sperm from the body, and the man is too nervous It is easy to cause premature.

3 ) Too little sexual intercourse: Some people are prone to premature ejaculation due to the stress of work, study and life, or separation of husband and wife, or long-term business trips by one spouse. There are also some people who worry about premature ejaculation and intentionally reduce the frequency of sexual intercourse, causing sexual tension to accumulate continuously, which in turn aggravates premature ejaculation.

4 ) Lack of intercourse with the opposite sex: less intercourse with the opposite sex in social intercourse, being too cautious and shy with women, some people lack sexual knowledge, have a sense of mystery about sexual organs, and are prone to nervousness and panic, resulting in premature ejaculation.

5 ) History of masturbation: Some people have a history of excessive masturbation. Although masturbation itself does not directly cause premature ejaculation, they always want to end it as soon as possible because they are afraid of being discovered by their parents or roommates during long-term masturbation, so they develop the habit of rushing.

6 ) Unharmonious relationship between husband and wife: In a family headed by a woman, premature ejaculation will occur due to excessive fear of the wife, excessive worship, strong inferiority complex, or potential hostility towards the wife. When the husband is dissatisfied with his wife, the venting as sexual desire is often hasty and quick. In addition, sometimes the woman suffers from inflammation of the reproductive tract, and sexual intercourse can cause pain, so the woman requests to end the sexual intercourse as soon as possible, causing premature ejaculation.

7 ) The living environment is poor: if two or three generations live together in one room, the sex life is too hasty, and premature ejaculation is prone to occur.

8 ) Thinking of " weakness " : Some people take the semen ejaculated during sexual intercourse very seriously, affected by " one drop of semen, ten drops of blood " , and worry that sex life will damage the body. Excessive worry can cause premature ejaculation, but excessive indulgence can cause sexual dysfunction, and premature ejaculation can also occur.

9 ) Organic causes: Premature ejaculation caused by organic causes is often accompanied by different degrees of impotence, such as inflammation, seminal vesiculitis, diabetic neuropathy, seminal fumigation, urethritis, and short foreskin frenulum.

Reminder: The above are the 9 reasons why the sex is not lasting that the editor introduced to you. Have you ever had these phenomena in your sex life? If there is, it must be corrected in time and a healthy sexual life habit must be developed.


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