Many boys have seen a plot in small movies: the hero and the heroine tie up the girl when they are in love, so that they are firmly controlled by the man and at his mercy. The girls who are bound will show shyness and excitement, obviously immersed in the pleasure of bondage and unable to extricate themselves, and are willing to fall in love with men. The little friends are itching to see it, but they don't know how to use the rope binding art, and they can't imitate the essence. Next, I will introduce some rope binding skills to conquer women in minutes, so that you can become a top actor and enjoy a wonderful sex life .

1. Tie your hands behind your back - enjoy the way you can't struggle without my arms

Prepare about two meters of special rope for binding (made of cotton or chemical fiber, which will not rub and irritate the skin), put the rope around the neck and wrap the two arms separately, put the arms behind and tie them together, and tie the knot with a loop. This method is the basic way of binding and restraining, through restraining the upper body to achieve the effect that the opponent cannot break free. At this time, you can start the shameful and sweet training exercise (you can help the girl's legs to penetrate directly, and the effect of rear penetration is excellent)

SM tied his hands behind his back

2. Bamboo-style binding - the strong desire hidden under the gentle appearance

This method is exactly the same as its name, and the rope is bound from the chest to the lower body to form three bamboo-like areas. Prepare a rope of seven or eight meters, hang down at the neck and tie three knots in sequence, each knot is about ten centimeters apart. Wrap the rope from the lower body to the back of the neck, and then knot it horizontally behind the three knots on the chest. The first knot exposes the breasts, the second knot binds the waist, and the third knot tightly binds the body into a bamboo joint. The advantage of this bundle is that it can be hidden and go out, and the strong contrast keeps her wet all day long.

Bamboo bundle

3. M-legged binding - Only by thoroughly understanding her private parts can you really walk into her heart

A bundled channel that is convenient and practical, simple and rude allows you to get close to her heart. Fold the girl's legs, the thighs are close to the calves, and they are tied firmly (rope and static tape can be used, which are strong and durable). Then her hands and legs were tied together, forcing her to spread her legs fully to expose her private parts. At this time, no matter whether it is the hand-mouth or the vibrating penis, the climax can be perfectly realized, and the shame is overwhelmed by the happiness to the extreme, making her slowly addicted to you.

M leg binding

4. Four-limb bondage - an inescapable body, a soul addicted to love

The girl lies flat on the bed, her limbs are stretched out slowly, and the professional bed restraint belt passes through the mattress to lock her limbs on the bed. It is more fragrant to eat with sexy pajamas and eye masks. Friends who are interested can also add training tools such as leather whips and candles. At this time, she can't break free and can only be forced to accept all your actions, stimulating the wildness and lust of men every minute (note Proper, don't get hurt, if the girl refuses, you need to stop and let go of the restraint).

Four-Limb Bondage

5. Lamb-style bondage - a shy and poor lamb in love with a lustful wolf

What could be happier than tying up your girlfriend like a lamb? Take a five-meter-long rope, ask your girlfriend to kneel on the bed and put her hands behind her (lie to her: there will be delicious food on her knees, and then feed her a dick), and tie her hands and legs separately and connect together. At this time, the girlfriend turns into a kneeling lamb, but what she drinks is your essence. In other words, it depends on the boy's opinion whether to drink it or not. You can put the cock directly in your mouth, or you can pat it on the face and stuff it in your mouth. This method is suitable for couples who have a good relationship. It can bring each other closer while adding fun.

lamb binding

The above five binding channels are more practical treasure skills in sex life. Don’t blindly imitate the extremely difficult and easily injured binding methods in small movies. The binding process completed by a professional team is not suitable for ordinary couples. Feeling love and happiness from bondage is the true meaning of sex life, come and try it together!

November 28, 2022 — BeYourLover亞太華語

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