As early as in the medical books unearthed in Mawangdui, there are "eight movements" and "ten repairs" to help people enjoy sex better. The "Eight Views" proposed in the "Health Prescription" of the Han Dynasty Medical Bamboo Slips is a general term for the skills that men use to observe eight different sexual gestures of their partners and cooperate with them. The later Fangzhong monograph "Su Nv Jing" has been developed, and on the basis of "Eight Views", two points, women's Yin fluid overflowing and lubrication and women's soft lying and straight lying, have been added. Here are seven body signals that women desire sex:

sex position

Body Signal 1 Pupil When a charming woman is excited, the pupil will dilate unconsciously. This is because her body is ready to receive more stimulation, so the brain orders the iris of the eye to expand, allowing more light to enter the eyeball. This is the time for men to take action.

Body signal 2 Eyelashes Studies have shown that women who have taken birth control pills blink 32% more times per minute than others. And such women's hormone levels will change, and they are especially favored by strong and rough men. At this time, it is necessary to show her your most resolute and confident side.

Body signal 3 brain When a man and a woman drink together, the man tends to become more and more wild, while the woman becomes lethargic. This is because men will release their desires after drinking, while women's brain responses will slow down. In fact, choosing a piece of music she loves is an incomparable "aphrodisiac".

Body Signal 4 Nose Women's sense of smell is particularly sensitive in the morning, so this is the best time to be courteous. You can make her a wonderful breakfast and bring it to bed, preferably with a warm banana nut bread. Studies have shown that the smell of this bread can increase the secretion of vaginal lubrication.

Body signal 5 Chest Sexual flush can judge the intensity of a woman's excitement. If a woman's breasts and face are slowly turning pink, it is telling you: Do it right, keep going. In addition, when women are sexually aroused, their breasts will swell up to 25% larger than usual.

Body signal 6 back When reaching orgasm, women will arch their backs. Hold her tightly and coordinate with her posture at this time. Remember, never stop, keep the same rhythm and intensity until she reaches the top.

Body signal 7 Nail biting A female repeats an action that represents a certain degree of tension, such as scratching the skin or biting the nails. The man can gently pull her hand away, gently pinch and caress, so that the tension will disappear.

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