1. Gently hold her hand and kiss the back of her fingers. A well-known nail painting master secretly told me that fingers are actually the erogenous zone that is most neglected by women.

2. Turn her hands over, palms up. As for you, with your mouth tightly closed, use your lips to gently press the thickest and softest part of her palm. Slowly press down on her wrist until your lips feel the pulse of his wrist. Time required for this stage: 1 minute

[Step 2: The lightest and lightest kiss]

1. Start with her bottom lip. In the same way, your lips are slightly closed, and her lower lip is gently contained between yours. Be so gentle that she barely feels your presence.

2. In the same way, use your lips to touch her upper lip, neck, earlobe, and eyelids in sequence. Remember, keep your eyes open, your lips closed, and don't stick out your tongue to lick things.

3. When you kiss her so softly, don't let your hands be idle - gently stroke her arms and shoulders with your fingertips. Time required for this stage: 3 minutes

[Step 3: Kiss hard] At this stage, you can kiss hard. But wait bro, put your tongue back. Generally, what women hate the most is that your tongue is too involved. Only let your tongue protrude 1/3, use your tongue tip to touch her tongue tip, play hide-and-seek, or lick the inside of her lips, the edge of her teeth... There will be unexpected effects. Dream weaving content management system Kissing can fall on the tip of the nose, cheeks, eyelashes, forehead, top of the head and other parts. These are considered ordinary grades, with the intentions of joking, cheerfulness, relaxation, greetings, warmth, comfort, care, love, etc., all the tastes are in the words...

[Step 4: Kiss all over your body] Well, now you can indulge your lips and tongue and do whatever you want.

The standard kissing process of other men must be like this: lips, chest, belly button, and then below... This will not arouse women's lust at all, because they already know that men are invariable.

We're going to do something weird:

1. Concentrate firepower on hidden parts: inner thighs, knee sockets, behind earlobes, and upper chest. Remember, instead of kissing all the way, jump from one part to another.

2. Take it lightly, kiss while sucking, and occasionally press with the tip of your tongue.

3. After kissing a part, blow gently on the part. She will feel cool, itchy, and very comfortable. Time required for this stage: 3 minutes

[Hands need to work] 1. Remember, don't rush to rub her chest.

Don't press hard on her nipples or knead them with your fingers if they aren't already "popping up" with excitement. Instead, use the fleshy, soft parts of your palms to cover her entire breast in a circular massage. If she's getting aroused, add a little more gravity.

2. If her nipples are already erect, gently clamp the nipples between your two fingers and rub them back and forth slowly. Be gentle and don't pinch too hard.

Time required for this stage: 2 minutes Weaving dreams is good, good weaving dreams

【Southward Movement】

1. When you have locked her secret garden, instead of directly stimulating her clitoris, take a little extra time to treat her labia with a finger or two. Slowly and patiently rubbing her two labia, indirectly stimulating her sexual desire.

2. Next, use your thumb and forefinger to part the labia and gently touch her clitoris and the inside of the labia. Do not directly stimulate the clitoris unless she is panting and begging you to do so. Time required for this phase: 3 minutes

[Final step: observe and confirm that she has a lot of sexual interest] * Nipples are hard * Shortness of breath, heavy breathing If the above reactions are obvious, hey, let's French kiss and slowly enter her body. Pause for a few seconds, then start your best pumping and make her want to die! After the last minute, it is also the most critical minute.

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