In sex, there are traditional male-on-female poses, imitating animal sex poses, female-on-man-down poses, and more infinitely varied poses. So, what exactly do sex positions bring us?

sex position

What kind of sex position, what kind of love?

According to the survey of sex researchers, the sexual position of human beings at the beginning is no different from that of animals. In primitive societies, when women's sexual desires are aroused, they bend down, twist their hips, and wait for a man to enter from behind. Later, it gradually evolved to the sex position of man on top of woman, which is widely used now, because in this "structure", the eyes of two people can gaze at each other, and making love is not just a sexual intercourse, but emotion (emotional blog) , let’s talk about emotion) communication.

Sexual positions can mark stages in the development of your love. The survey report of sexologists is that when two people first fall in love, they usually adopt the traditional posture of man on top of woman, which is convenient to cover up the inner anxiety and shyness when they suddenly face each other naked. For two people who are in contact, this posture facilitates eye contact and makes orgasm easier. But this method will gradually be eliminated after four to eight years of contact between two people, because it will become less stimulating over time.

Then another form appeared. According to the survey, among couples who have been married for five to seventeen years, the way men stand behind women is the most popular, which makes many "old couples" regain the lost passion in marriage. At the same time, oral sex also came into being during this time period. Psychologists say that if two people have a good relationship (emotional blog, let’s talk about feelings), they will think that giving is more important than anything else in sex, so they are more willing to do oral sex for each other to express their love for each other deep affection.

What kind of sexual posture, what kind of psychological hint?

Psychologists say that the most important organ of sex is the brain, which determines the quantity and quality of aroused orgasms. Therefore, in addition to physical contact, making love is more psychologically satisfying. Did you know? In fact, different sex postures have different psychological implications.

When in the traditional man-on-woman position, men feel fully in control of the situation. This posture allows men to take the initiative throughout the process, they can control the length of time and intensity, and at the same time they can know their achievements from the expression on the woman's face at a glance.

Unlike men, women feel that they have the most control during oral sex, because it not only allows women to control the excitement of men, but also allows women to fully enjoy the pleasure of giving. Men take oral sex the least seriously, and they don't even think oral sex needs emotion.

In addition, the posture of women on top of men is the most conflicting gesture between men and women. When a man faces a superior woman, he suddenly has an illusion that things that he used to control have been transferred to a woman. Men think that this gesture represents a kind of female power, which makes them feel uneasy subconsciously. At the same time, women will be at a loss by the sudden increase in sex positions. After all, women are not used to swinging their lower bodies to please each other.

What kind of sex position, what kind of body?

Both men and women pay great attention to the exposed body during sex. The posture of choosing sex is sometimes done under the drive of this kind of psychology. First decide which part of yourself to expose to the other party, and then decide what position to use for sex. In addition to sexual desire, the question that men and women will think about is-how do I think my body is the most perfect. In general, men care more about how they look during sex than women.

Men feel they look their best when the woman is on top of him, while women are most concerned about their appearance during oral sex, and they think they look their worst when the man stands behind them for sex.

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