"Sex must have an emotional basis, and sex without emotion must have good feelings and no bad feelings. Sexual behavior between a man and a woman is impossible if there is neither coercion nor emotion." Both We must pay attention to the quality of sexual life , and more importantly, to maintain each other's emotional needs. The following will introduce 9 sexual life postures that have been passed down for thousands of years.

  1. Youlong Xifeng The woman lies on her back, the man lies on the other side, and the man's buttocks are between the woman's legs. The woman's vulva faces the penis, and the penis stimulates the clitoris and attacks the upper part of the vulva. Then when inserting into the vagina, shake it slowly and perform nine shallow and one deep methods. It is because this kind of intercourse where the woman is at the bottom and the man is at the top is the posture adopted by most people. When mating, the man bends his hands and knees to support his body, and when he greets and sees him off, he flips up and down, undulating back and forth, like a dragon. Some people in the West call this posture "Cross looking directly at God", which is also a traditional posture often adopted by people all over the world. In this posture, the man presses down on the woman, and the woman's front pair of breasts and genitals bear the pressure of the man, creating a unique pleasure of skin-to-skin contact, and at the same time, it also brings the woman a half-dead state of being on the verge of intercourse. For men, subduing women can satisfy men's "desire to conquer". This desire is a subconscious sense of superiority. Although it is not said in the mouth, it generally exists in the consciousness of most men.
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  2. The male farmer and the weaver girl face down, supported by their knees and elbows, and raise their buttocks; the man kneels next to her buttocks, hugs the woman's waist and abdomen with his hands, and inserts the penis until it reaches the deepest part. Deep plowing and shallow plowing when mating, grasp it as you like. Women can swing their hips to cooperate. When the two parties achieve pleasure, they can withdraw their troops and rest quietly. Men are like farmers who are plowing in the fields when all things are revived and spring returns to the earth; while women can shake their hips left and right, like weaving shuttles back and forth, and the two cooperate tacitly, like an elegant picture of men plowing and women weaving. When a man is behind a woman, he can enjoy the round shoulders, wide back, slender waist and plump buttocks. The sultry body curve of a woman is more attractive from behind. In this posture, a man no longer needs to support his body with his hands. With both hands free, he can caress his breasts, rub his slender waist, and rub his perineum. The biggest feature of this posture is that men are more flexible when attacking.
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  3. The woman climbing the dragon and attaching the phoenix lies on her back with her legs raised high. The man faces the woman, kneels between her thighs, holds the woman's legs with both hands and carries them on the shoulders, so that the woman's knees are higher than her chest, and slightly raises the other's hips and back. At this time, make several shallow penetrations first to stimulate Yu Shu, and the woman will be extremely happy, with body fluid like raindrops, and then deeply inserted, it will become firmer and stronger, and it will be done after the woman climaxes. This pose gets its name from its intertwining. It is a posture that men in ancient my country liked to adopt very much. It is characterized by the man's shoulders against the woman's legs. There are many such intercourse poses in ancient erotic paintings. "Climbing the dragon and attaching the phoenix" and the "man plowing and female weaving" posture introduced above can both raise the woman's vulva and protrude, so it is more conducive to intercourse. It is most appropriate for the woman to be slim and the man to be obese. In this posture, the legs of the woman are borne by the shoulders of the man. Men who like this posture prefer slim and slim women and women with small feet because they are easy to move and stimulate sexual desire. Huge buttocks, legs and feet are not easy to produce aesthetic feeling. It is said that this is also one of the psychological roots of sexual aesthetics for men after the Five Dynasties and Song Dynasty to love slender women with bound feet.
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  4. Quyi caters to the woman lying face up, with her knees raised and bent to her chest. The man kneels facing the woman, and pushes the woman's waist to her breasts with both hands. The penis stimulates the large vestibular glands and stimulates the clitoris. When pumping and sending, it must be moderate in depth, and the clitoris must be fully cared and inspected. The woman is full of spring, her body is swaying from side to side, the body fluid overflows, the penis is inserted deep into the vagina, the woman's orgasm comes, and the copulation ends. Take this position, when the female pleasure comes, because the whole body is bound by the man, the legs are pressed tightly to the chest. At this time, if she wants to vent the pleasure emotion, she must struggle back and forth, so that the man will also twist the body together. Coupled with the penis rushing left and right, welcoming and sending, both parties will enjoy the stimulation and excitement during intercourse. During intercourse, a man appreciates the women's deep boudoir, and walks in the nine-curved corridor (vagina), and can feel the wonderful structure and beauty of the female boudoir ( sexual organs ).
  5. The man is in a kneeling position (or a sitting position by the bed), with his knees open, and the woman is straddling him, with her feet on the left and right sides of the man, and her arms around the man's neck. While the penis is inserted into the vagina, the woman's labia is rubbed and the clitoris is stimulated. The man holds the woman's buttocks with both hands and assists the woman to shake from side to side and stabs up and down. After the woman has sex several times, her body fluid drips until she reaches orgasm. A man and a woman hug each other face to face, their cheeks touch each other, and their necks are kissed, like a phoenix and a phoenix playing together, the qin and the zither sing together, the joy is also harmonious, and there is a beauty that cannot be experienced in other postures.
  6. The woman with Yu Xiang's shallow bottom is facing down, and her body is upright lying on her stomach. The man bends down behind the woman, slightly lifts the woman's buttocks, and then penetrates deeply, stimulating the red beads (labia minora). The cycle repeats until the woman's spring love is rippling, the willow branches are swaying, the fragrant stream overflows, and the spring rushes, until the climax. In this posture, men and women depend on each other and go hand in hand like a shadow, just like a pair of koi, drifting with the current and enjoying themselves in the water. Although the man was lying on the back of the woman, he did not put his weight on her, but supported his body weight with his elbows, and spread his legs on the bed. Therefore, the woman below will not be suffocated by the weight of the man's whole body, causing difficulty in breathing and destroying the fun of intercourse. During intercourse, the woman's posture is face down and prone, with few movements, mostly swinging her hips left and right, like a white tail of a carp, catering to the man's attack. This method is very suitable for women with a low vulva. During intercourse, a small pillow or the like can be placed under the female pelvis so that the vulva can be raised and exposed.
  7. Diao Chan worships the moon with his face up, his legs half-bent, and his knees together like a table for placing an incense burner. The woman sits astride the man's thigh and hip bone, facing the man's feet and facing away from the man's head. The woman's buttocks moved forward, and she slowly swallowed the penis with her vagina. Don't go deep, just insert and stop, just like Diao Chan's burning incense and worshiping the moon, the movements are slow. The man does not need to make any movements, only the woman shakes it alone, and it must last for a long time. After the woman reaches orgasm, the man should use up the incense and remove the incense burner. In this mating position, the woman uses gentle movements to take the initiative to launch an offensive, turning against the client. This new attempt by a woman to control the overall situation and dominate the scene can further increase her sexual desire and excitement. The man, on the other hand, plays a passive role, quietly admiring the woman straddling him, vibrating up and down or swaying from side to side, which is especially charming in its delicateness, which is incomparable to other sexual postures. The four characters "Diao Chan worships the moon" can express the artistic conception of this posture very well.
  8. The Xishi Huansha man is lying face up with his legs straight. The woman faces the man, kneels on both sides, sits on the top, and strokes the man's body with both hands. After the man inserts it, it swings from side to side, stimulating the clitoris (strings) of the woman's clitoris, and moves in a circular motion, just like Xizi Huansha. When the woman's pleasure is hyperactive, the body fluid flows out like spring water, she is happy and joyful, she looks happy, and stops after reaching orgasm. The woman bends her knees and bows her head, her body is active, and when she sways and shakes, her movements are soothing and graceful. The vulva swallows and swallows the penis. Don't be rude and too fast. If you are not careful, the penis will often slip out or break the pain, so the woman must be careful in her movements. It's like the delicate Xishi gently washing clothes by the gurgling stream, gentle and considerate, hence the name. In this posture, the man can not only hold the woman's buttocks with both hands, but also caress every part of the woman's body at will, and the woman will change from passive to active in the past, and she will have a strange feeling psychologically. It will be more exciting and enjoyable. Many couples now often use this position during intercourse.
  9. A man and a woman stand facing each other. According to the height difference between the two, the woman needs to put some other things under her feet to facilitate intercourse. The biggest advantage of this posture is that it is not restricted by local conditions, or in a forest with whirling willow branches; or by a small bridge with dim moonlight, or in a bathroom filled with mist... In addition, when intercourse, because both men and women There is no pressure from the other party, so they both have greater flexibility. The two hug each other, express love with each other, and caress each other, as if they are in the poetic and picturesque atmosphere of "human faces and peach blossoms reflecting each other", which is very comfortable.
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