How to please a person in bed is not an innate instinct. No matter how careful or enthusiastic a man is, he cannot learn the way to let a woman enter the wild state without interactive communication. After making love, tell the man in a gentle way what to do to make her reach a more perfect climax, and look forward to a more outstanding performance next time!

A perfect blowjob performance is not just the ins and outs of the tongue and casual licking without touch. Many men don't know what kind of wonderful feeling women want. The reason is that women always take into account the face and self-esteem of men. Instead, he kept his true feelings in his heart and refused to express them. Some women are also embarrassed to say bold words like "lick me", "suck me there" and so on, so men often cannot understand whether the other party feels comfortable or not when he works hard between a woman's thighs. Can orgasm? At this time, women may wish to play an active role and tell your man how to satisfy himself during oral sex.

Oral sex is an art that is easy to learn and versatile, however, there is only one way to learn great oral sex technique, and that is by asking your female partner directly. Don't think this is a shameful thing. A woman knows her body best. She can tell the man clearly and exactly where her sensitive areas are and how to caress them. Most people tend to formulate such a beautiful thing as sex, so it is better to communicate boldly face to face, and even use body language to guide the other party to enlightenment, so that every temperamental person can be an expert in pleasing a partner!

Trick 1 - sweet talk "Whenever I'm short of breath, my hips are raised, and I hold his head tightly, my man will continue to blowjob me like he won't let me go, which makes me feel very comfortable Alright!" Ms. A once told her boyfriend very clearly that she can observe any of her little movements in order to make the most perfect performance.
How to tell your boyfriend that he's doing the wrong foreplay step? In fact, there is no need. As long as you use the volume of moaning, soothing coquettish panting, muscle tightening when the climax is approaching, and even every sweet word with a tone, a man can know what kind of movement in what part to make a woman feel The body reacts differently.
Never talk about the negative or the bad behavior of the other person in what you say in bed. In addition to not hurting the morale of the other party, you also need to add some interest. You can generously say in the man's ear: "It feels so good!", "Yes! It's here, don't stop!", "Slow down, gently It's so comfortable!" On the contrary, if a man hears "Nogood!" in bed, it will lead to a man's intolerance to sex.

Step 2 - Perfect performance "I spread my legs and close my eyes on the bed, imagining that I was having sex, and while stroking every sensitive part of my body, I asked him to sit on the sofa and learn how to please me, so that Not only does he know exactly what I want, but he is also very excited!" Ms. A's right way to let the other party know where to start is a very critical topic.
In fact, the knowledge of oral sex is easier to do than to say! One way to increase the passion index is to let your male partner watch you masturbating. For a man, watching a woman he likes play with his body is as beautiful as a dream. However, it takes a lot of courage for a woman to perform masturbation in front of her male partner. Light a scented candle, drink a glass of red wine to make your face glow pink, and put on some sexy lingerie. When you are ready, it will be your "Perfect showtime"!
You not only caress on your own body, but also lead your partner's hands to make the same movements, and ask him to try to use his tongue to make the same caressing effect as his fingers. In the process, you can test whether the other party has learned from your performance. learn skills.

Step 3 - come in! Baby "I think she is really sexy when I lick her ass up, show a happy expression, and push my head deeper into my privates! And there is no sense of self-esteem being violated. If she doesn't tell me boldly and directly how to make her feel comfortable, then I will never learn how to make the best foreplay." Miss A's boyfriend talked about his inner feelings.
When the oral sex process reaches the stage of burning desire and the woman is ready to let the man enter, women can try to pull their partner's body closer to themselves and make arching movements to show that the man can boldly attack Your body, or place a pillow under your hips or waist to form a position that allows you to enter smoothly.

Step 4 - Kiss and talk
Ms. A said: "My boyfriend hugged me and kissed me deeply. When he was hesitant about what to do next, he had to tell him how much he liked his kissing skills and sex skills. Every time he made love in the future, he would Will gladly do anything to please me, including oral sex, of course."
Men can learn more about the meaning of sex from the affectionate kiss between two people. It is recommended to let the man feel the pleasure of oral sex from your lip movements, and then ask him to do oral sex for you too. Therefore, as long as the woman is willing to say that she likes a man in the intercourse, let him give you oral sex with his mouth, tongue, and exhaled heat, expressing his strong encouragement and desire for such an action, and the man can learn from it. Blowjob fun.
For example, design a more erotic game mode, bend the palm of the man into a depression, and then the woman will lick it with her tongue and lips, telling the other party how to make oral sex comfortable like a simulation, which will make the man more excited and full Learn the steps of oral sex. Therefore, the guided dialogue is a very important key in the process of oral sex, and can inspire the other party to rekindle the lead of desire.
Men usually have many ways and steps to make love, but they often lack the points of fit and careful links, so women play the role of guides and cooperate with each other for perfect sex. In bed, the two are no longer strangers getting along together, so they can boldly speak out their original desires and desires, and are good at using any communication method so that both parties can meet their needs in an intimate relationship.


Tip 5-Women take it easy "Whenever the menstrual period is coming, the smell there is aggravated. I like to shower in the bathroom or lie in the bathtub. On the one hand, it can keep it clean and avoid too strong smell. It can relieve my unstable emotions before menstrual period. So oral sex in the bathroom is also a good place for women to relax.” Ms. A said that she also has times when she can’t relax her nerves, and this way can make her have a more perfect sex with her boyfriend blowjob sport.
After the above courses, both men and women should be well-trained and able to clearly grasp the tricks and methods of oral sex. Men have already broken through their defenses, but on the psychological level of women, there are also parts that need to be adjusted. For the initial oral sex guidance, the woman does not need to place too much expectation. If she hopes that the other party will get a complete learning effect in the first few attempts, it will make her psychologically more troubled and unhappy.
And women often hate their own private parts, no matter how much a man says during oral sex, "Your place smells so good!", "Your place looks so beautiful, I like it so much!", etc., women will still avoid their own body Let a man serve her. In fact, most men don’t care. As long as both parties reach a consensus in love and keep their private parts clean, women don’t need to care too much about the smell and appearance of their private parts. On the contrary, many men think that a woman’s special breath is a unique and powerful aphrodisiac in the world. .

Oral sex is such a beautiful sex process, you only need to relax and grasp the knack to integrate the ideas of the two, and you can complete a 100% perfect foreplay.

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