Modern girls should not pretend to be ladies. "Passive acceptance" in love is no longer a girl's patent. If you want it, tell him. However, we still need to pay attention to the way of "wanting". The following "ambush" will definitely make him surrender obediently. If you don't believe me, try it! ! !

sexy tempting beauty

1. In the basic pose, tell him what you want directly in the voice of Yingying Yanyan, exhale gently into his sensitive ears, kiss the back of his neck, and he will surrender in about three minutes. (This is the best trick)

2. Arrange a romantic candlelight banquet in a roundabout way. The dishes are full of seafood. Have dinner with him with the aroma of just bathing. When the wine is hot, it's no wonder he doesn't fall into your gentle trap! (Pay money for a good night. Worth it!)

3. The provocative way to meet his preferences, such as: put on his favorite sexy pajamas and wait for him to open the door, put on a sexy and provocative pose, lie on the bed and smile at him, watch a movie with him... (This requires a little basic skill, otherwise...)

4. Prop style Put the sex products that he usually uses when making love within easy reach, or wipe them gently. (Especially suitable for SM girls and young men)

Fifth, the slutty style pours out all the lewd words that he has heard since he was born, such as: learning to make a bed, or saying something like "You are so majestic and mighty", with a lewd expression, so that he doesn't want to Difficult! (Unless he is Liu Xiahui, even those with serious illnesses will be hard-pressed to defeat your power)

6. Straight to the point This is the most effortless, just tell him to me or I want it, and guarantee that nine out of ten men will agree to you. (Be straightforward, don't be wordy)

7. Pretending to be cute, holding his arm and shaking it, tilting his head and telling him in a nasal voice: I love you so much, the best student uniform or Lolita dress, arouses his desire to take good care of you. (It is forbidden for those who are difficult to grow)

8. Game style Play guessing games or video game competitions with him. If he loses the bet, he will unconditionally grant your wish. It is fun and educational. How wonderful! (But the prerequisite is that you have to pick a game that you can get used to, otherwise you have to wait until the sea is dry and the stone is rotten)

9. The provocative style first tells him that there is a new lingering move recently, and he insists harshly that he will not know it. There is no man who does not love face. In the end, he will definitely go all out to prove his intelligence and super learning ability. ! (The aggressive method is especially effective for men at any time)

10. Mature women, stop talking nonsense, come on! Every second counts, if you ask for it directly, you still wait for him to nod and agree? (Especially suitable for strong women with Wu Zetian character)

A best lover must know when to "storm violently" and when to "moisten things silently". The above ten tricks are the invincible strategies summed up by N "fierce women". These methods let you see the other side of women's tenderness!

December 15, 2022 — BeYourLover亞太華語

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