Even dignified ladies have dreams of indulgence. 4,000 young women answered honestly, leaving us with seven real picture scrolls. The deep desire of women for indulgence is clearly revealed in the picture scrolls. They may not say it, but they bury it. In the bottom of their hearts, there is a secret that cannot be revealed: Although the possibility is very small, they still want to have a very passionate relationship at a very special place, at a very special time.

Scene 1: Being bound by his side In the eyes of a serious woman, being bound to have sex is like a crime. In fact, it is this kind of complex that makes ladies feel fear and love for bondage in their hearts, even though they will never say it.

Lady's Dream: Bondage is still an X-rated sex for me, but it can't be called a fetish yet. I've always been very curious about it, but I've never asked him for it. But one night, he asked if he could tie my hands with his tie, and I agreed without thinking, and then he simply tied me up completely. A feeling of humiliation welled up in my heart, but I really liked the feeling of being bound, and the humiliation at this time was nothing at all. I think, I finally got that excited feeling.

Suggestion: If you really want to try, start with soft clothing, such as his tie is a good choice. If handcuffs are used, be careful not to injure your wrists. Bondage doesn't have to be in the bedroom, there are plenty of spaces in the room where you can play.

tie up

Scene 2: Tenderness like water in the swimming pool The swimming pool is for swimming, but why can't you have sex in it? But I can't think about it. When I think of this, the ladies start to blush, even though they want to refuse in their hearts.

Lady's dream: When we go on a trip, there is everything in the resort, especially the swimming pool with the same color as sea water fascinates us even more. One night, he invited me to go swimming, saying that there were few people at that time. Sure enough, there were very few, so few that it was just me and him. As we kissed, we actually entered the state. The surface of the water was sparkling, and we were already "lawless" underwater. Also because of the buoyancy of the water, I enjoyed a dreamlike feeling, and I saw that his face was very beautiful with the afterglow of the moonlight.

Suggestion: If there is such an opportunity, it is best to bring some clothes, so as not to let others break into you without any cover. Do more preparations in advance, such as foreplay, so that the sex will not die due to insufficient conditions; also make more use of the buoyancy of the water, and you can try many new postures.

pool sex

Scene 3: The short-lived sex in the fitting room makes sex happen in front of the glass mirror. The lady can not only see herself, she can also see what he is doing. Multiple angles and multiple feelings will arouse countless ripples . Of course, so is he.

Lady's Dream: My favorite place to shop is in a fancy shopping mall, where the fitting rooms never feel cramped, especially when I want my man to be my advisor. Once, he walked with me for a day, and I could see his tiredness from his face, so I asked him to come in and sit for a while when I was trying on the clothes. I didn’t expect him to see me wearing sexy clothes The underwear immediately "caught fire", and we went "crazy" in the fitting room. Fortunately, there was no one waiting outside.

Suggestion: bring more clothes into the fitting room, and leave more time for you, even if you are just caressing affectionately. When the passion comes, please pay more attention to your voices, and would rather make a show of commenting on the clothes than leaking Fengyue.

Scene 4: Passion overflowing in the elevator The reason why the elevator is chosen as the object of the scene is that it has the dual nature of privacy and publicity, and this duality is also the driving force for the lady to be extremely excited.

A lady’s dream: On a Sunday last summer, it was a little hot, and he and I went to a newly opened decoration store to buy things. Home and customers are in twos and threes. After a round trip, we went down from the highest floor. We took a spare freight elevator. Unexpectedly, it only opened the section from the basement to the 10th floor. As soon as we entered, we felt that it seemed to be a small car prepared for us. He who had been "sexy" pestering me before coming out actually kissed me, and then the elevator was running between up and down under his control, even though we were inside it was as hot as outside.

Suggestion: It is best to choose those old-fashioned elevators that few people care about. From top to bottom, it is a good thing for you to be slow, and it is also a good thing to have no detection head. It is better for women to wear long skirts, because the elevator suddenly stops on a certain floor, and you can restore the calmness beforehand in a short period of time.

Scene 5: Adult games in the park. It is the spring under the shade of the bushes, the excitement of being almost discovered by others, and the calmness of being surrounded by the sky.

Lady's dream: The forest park in the suburbs is where he and I often date, firstly because it is clean, and secondly because we want to breathe fresh air after work. Unexpectedly, during a picnic, he saw no one around and played adult games with me. I really don’t know if anyone noticed, anyway, the feeling of hunting made me uncontrollably excited, even though there was so much afterwards. A little scared.

Suggestion: It is a good idea to go to Forest Park, of course, other parks with high privacy are also available. Pack extra clothes, or do it as a picnic, or you'll have nothing to cover if someone approaches.

Scene 6: Crazy space in the car Cars are related to life, but not to the point where sex is also taken into account. Let’s imagine what will happen if you go overboard in the car?

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