A smart woman should learn to act according to a man's face. Charm is an important part of beauty and an invisible force. Husbands always hope that their wives will always be attractive, and wives expect to use their charm to attract their husbands. Some women like to spread gossip, gossip about their husband’s colleagues, and attack their wives and husbands behind their backs, so that your husband will not be happy. Smart women, do you know that the 6 major actions in life will make your husband completely Tired of your wife?

Husband and wife harmony remember 6 points

  1. Seriously do not support your husband’s social interaction, and treat your husband’s friends very unfriendly, especially your husband’s friends of the opposite sex. Whenever you have a chance, you will speak ill of them. As time goes by, your husband will be alienated by the friends around you. Naturally, you will get rich Opportunities are getting less and less day by day. Women don't need to be so in love with "being cheap".
  2. Living a super-income life, I want the best clothes and jewelry, completely disregarding the balance of income and expenditure. For such a woman, no matter how much money a man earns, it is not enough for her to spend. If you don't believe me, look at Zhang Xiaohui, two diamond-level men in succession have been heavily in debt by her. Although you can say that she is the best among women, you can't deny that she is a loser. Such a woman is quite scary.
  3. I like to spread gossip, gossip about my husband’s colleagues, attack my colleagues’ wives and husbands behind the scenes, and use gossip to create troubles. Don’t worry, you and your husband will lose your footing in the office before long. up.
  4. Putting on the air of a boss, constantly pointing out her husband's work and scolding him for his mistakes. He is a clerk outside, and he is still a clerk when he comes home, and he is equally obsequious. After a long time, you will find that your husband can only be a clerk.
  5. I like to make fun of my husband, and I love to tell outsiders about my husband's private life. Of course, these things will create endless jokes for everyone, and you will also become the most popular figure among your husband and friends around you. People may compliment you on your natural humor, but it will not take long before the compliments on you will evolve into Laugh at your husband.
  6. For a long time, he regarded himself as a part-time private detective, asking who he had lunch with, investigating any clues between him and his female secretary, female client, and colleague's wife, and regarded any woman except himself as a seduce man vixen. With such a wife, why wouldn't a man have a nervous breakdown?

You need your husband to be by your side all the time. As long as he works overtime or goes on a business trip, you must whine and complain. You should sacrifice any other price for you. Only you are the most important and most worthy of care. With such a wife, is it possible for a man to work with peace of mind? Diamond-level men are all heavily in debt by her. Although you can say that she is a leader among women, you cannot deny that she is a loser. Such a woman is also quite scary.

December 04, 2022 — BeYourLover亞太華語
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