The word sex has become more and more accepted by the public in recent years, and the sex culture festivals all over the world are crowded with people, whether you are a handsome man or a beautiful woman, even uncles can enjoy it.

According to google surveys, Durex, and many mainstream surveys, 60% of men buy sex toys and 40% of women. Interestingly, more than 90% of adults have buying experience. Maybe the sister sitting next to you drinking StarBucks is a toy master.

massage stick for couple

There is nothing ugly about the word adult toy . It can be used to enjoy pleasure when you can't sleep alone. Dry firewood and fire. Neutral toys can increase the atmosphere and adjust the taste.

Sex toys include, for example, high-end simulation dildos, vibrating eggs, vibrators, artificial vaginas, physical simulation dolls, sexy underwear, etc., which provide pleasure by stimulating the private parts of men and women. Here I would like to introduce to you four must-miss adult toys

The first: ZEMALIA RITA mini masturbation stick

RITA A round-headed stick that is common in Japanese AV. Usually used to stimulate the massage stick used by actresses, it is specially designed to stimulate the vulva and clitoris. The vibration capacity is stronger than that of ordinary vibrator, which can quickly bring simple and rough pleasure. Basically, every mature woman has one.

The second model: SVAKOM Elmer remote control vibrating egg

Elmer Remote Control Vibrator This is a masturbation product that can be used to stimulate the vulva, labia, and can be placed in the vagina or anus. At the same time, it can be used to stimulate one's own or the other's nipples, but the depth and strength are still not as good as it is. It is a bit convenient to carry, and it is necessary for travel. Can play "remote control shopping game"

The third type: ZEMALIA OTTO sucking massage stick

OTTO massage stick It is especially loved by veterans. In addition to the vibration function, it also adds the function of cunnilingus sucking small beans. The piston moves while licking, sucking and heating at the same time. Do you feel flushed when you hear it?

The fourth item: BeYourLover Peach Dolphin

Peach Dolphin The candy color scheme is very suitable for novice crushes. Sucking vibrations during lunch breaks will not disturb the people around you at all. You can enjoy the pleasure in your spare time. If you accidentally slip out of the bag, it will not attract the attention of colleagues around you. The sense of privacy is top-notch! Young sister's secret weapon! Boys will not have too much pressure to give it to the other half, because this is a handicraft!

With the progress of the times and the pursuit of self-pleasing requirements of urbanites, sex toys and adult toys are also following the trend. If you are still limited to artificial penises, it is too OUT. Please remember that only you know your own needs best, live in the moment and enjoy sex

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November 16, 2022 — BeYourLover亞太華語

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