Single male compatriots must be familiar with the treasure of masturbation cup . In countless lonely days and nights, owning it can free your hands and obtain endless joy. Masturbation cups are mainly made of non-toxic medical silicone, with a pink, tender, soft and elastic appearance. Some products are specially designed as miniature versions of girls' bodies , so that boys can feel the same touch as girls' skin when playing with them.

Double Hole Masturbation Cup

There are many ways to use masturbation cups. The following will bring you a collection of masturbation cups. Learning novel and interesting knowledge of masturbation cups can help us bring us a better enjoyment experience.

  1. A good partner—condoms You may be wondering, do you need to wear a condom when using a masturbation cup? The masturbation cup will not be pregnant like a girl, isn't it superfluous to wear a condom? In fact, the purpose of wearing a condom is to exercise the long-lasting endurance of the dick, because the interior of the masturbation cup has more particles, which will stimulate the glans to produce pleasure quickly, and similarly, it will also make our ejaculation time shorter than that of a real person. Wearing a condom can reduce sensitivity, slowly increase the time of sexual intercourse, and persist for a long time.
  2. A good companion——lubricant Items that must be prepared before using the aircraft cup——lubricant. The lubricant can add lubricity to the inner wall of the masturbation cup, and keep it silky and flexible during the entry of the dick and the movement of the piston, as if having happy sex with a watery and tight sister. Apply lubricant evenly inside the cup before use, and decide the amount according to personal preference, the more the more comfortable! It is recommended to choose a water-based lubricant, which is convenient for cleaning masturbation cups and cocks, and the body feels moist and silky.
  3. Good choice - double hole type
    When buying a masturbation cup, there are so many brands and types that we don’t know how to choose. Which one is more cost-effective? The dual-cavity masturbation cup is a good choice. It is composed of two passages, the anus and the vagina. The inner folds and particles are different. One cup has double pleasure. The chrysanthemum point is more layered, mainly wrinkled; the vagina is mainly grainy, and the pleasure of thrusting and friction is strong.
  4. A good way - "Harem selection concubine"
    The scumbag's world is full of all kinds of beauties, and he has never felt lonely. And as high-quality men, although we don't have a rich and colorful emotional life, we can also have the same kind of happiness. Choose different styles of masturbation cups, whether it is "mature woman", "lolita" or "actress", they are all in the bag, and they are taken out in turn every time they have sex. Today is a tight and shy loli masturbation, and tomorrow is a mature and seductive mature woman masturbation, turning a simple life into a lively and fragrant sea king.
  5. Good skills - what should I do if I worry about not being able to arouse my sexual desire when using a masturbation cup for sex toys? It always needs amorous feelings and temptations to complete an erection and show off masculinity. Recommend everyone a good way - use sex toys . Including sexy underwear, stockings, silicone breasts and other items full of femininity, when used with a masturbation cup, the lust and sexual desire will be directly filled. Kneading underwear and stockings, imagining the seductive picture of the goddess wearing stockings in the dream, the body can't help but start to exert strength, and enter the palace of love in minutes.
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The Masturbation Cup can always be by our side, no matter it is spring, summer, autumn and winter or day and night, it can't talk but it shows its love for you. Whether it is violent collision or gentle and deep, they can perfectly accept and never refuse. Many boys spend their first nights with the company of masturbation cups. If you are curious about sex life, but shy and don’t know how to explore, then choose a high-quality masturbation cup to open up this wonderful and unspeakable new world together!

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