Many men think that women are extremely slow, and at least half of their time is spent on foreplay that is useless to men, so as to ensure that women can enter the state. Actually otherwise, as long as a woman can receive the correct sexual stimulation, she can also warm up quickly. Some of the following foreplay techniques, only need 30 seconds to make a woman secrete love juice, in exchange for 15 minutes of passionate orgasm.

French kissing kiss is the best sex law to promote lust. If you want to have a higher-quality and touching one, kissing is the key to making her want to die. It can be called a foreplay heavy artillery. Through kissing, you can convey passion and let women feel the passion of men. Even if there is no intercourse, the body and mind can be activated from each other's kisses. A woman's lips are the primary stronghold for a man to conquer a city and land. A man who speaks quickly and accurately will make a woman happy and Sesame will open the door.

French kiss

Raiding the erogenous zone of the skin is the most taboo for making love, and the biggest culprit of getting tired over time is not seeking a breakthrough. "The skin is the largest sexual organ in the human body." The erogenous zone varies from person to person. It is true that targeting the organs is fast and accurate, but unexpected touches often cause amazing stimulation. Don't let her figure out your moves, just like in a martial arts competition, although there are routines to follow in martial arts, the more superb you are, the more you can whet your opponent's appetite. Inadvertently sneaking into her erogenous zone, making her peripheral nerves feel great.

sexy temptation

There are many kinds of orgasms for women in the mirror, and oral sex during foreplay can give women priority. When performing oral sex for her, you can do it in front of a big mirror, so that she can clearly see the scene in the mirror. The strong visual stimulation will shock her, making her blush, heartbeat, shortness of breath, and rapid orgasm. When a man and a woman reach orgasm together, they are sometimes more unsatisfying. Often, both partners plan to have each other's orgasms come together. But in fact, this kind of plan will make each other more dissatisfied, because when a woman is about to climax, she will be disoriented and unable to concentrate. Therefore, it is best to allow women to discover the time of orgasm freely, rather than deliberately adjust or control it. After the woman reaches orgasm, the man can either immediately or wait a little longer. When a man and a woman reach orgasm together, although they will concentrate on the intense pleasure, the excitement of the man will disappear immediately, and the intimacy between them will suddenly disappear without a trace.

sweet love

Describing to her the idea of ​​sexual fantasy "sex" stimulates the production of endorphins in the body, providing the same effect as the hormones produced during orgasm. You can let her close her eyes, and then describe a scene of love in her ear, and stimulate the sensitive area to make the passion boil; in this way, she will uncontrollably imagine wonderful pictures in the next cloud and rain, and keep her blood boiling The state, the climax is rolling.

sexual fantasy

Use sex toys to tease her. Using professional sex toys to tease her during foreplay can make women warm up faster. Tara , a subsidiary of Toycod, is a dual-function massage stick . The smooth shape design makes the product fit the body curve perfectly and contour. Once started, it stimulates both the G-spot and the clitoris for the most sensual pleasure. Tick ​​her with a vibrator and it doesn't even take 15 seconds for a woman to heat up.


Then, men can do whatever they want. During the process, the woman can enjoy the orgasm again, and when the man stops, the woman's orgasm will continue for a while. Therefore, during the whole sexual process, women can enjoy orgasms for 15 minutes or even longer.

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