Since the long period of social change, the main social group has always been the labor force, mainly young and middle-aged people. They have more right to speak and can express their opinions according to their feelings. And the society is not only the people who live under the lights and from the perspective of Fox, but also some neglected groups, who are also working hard to live tenaciously with their own strength, and they also have needs and expectations. Sexual desire is a desire that almost everyone has, and it is also the most basic need of people, just as important as eating, drinking and sleeping.

At present, many people lack or have no stable sexual partners in their sex lives, and they are unable to release their sexual desires by themselves, which has caused a heavy burden on their mental health. As a member of the society, their physiological needs should be taken seriously, and more suitable outlets should be provided for them. In this way, they will have a truly harmonious and warm social environment, and the value of each person is of great significance. Next, I will introduce adult products that can effectively solve physiological needs, care for and satisfy their inner needs

1. Masturbation cup - free your hands, you can reach orgasm without relying on hand strength

The masturbation cup is the most familiar "little girlfriend" for most male compatriots, but its small body can give us a lot of happiness, and we can enjoy sex no matter day or night. And its biggest feature is that it is easy to operate. You only need to place the genitals in the hole of the masturbation cup, and you can use the strength of your waist to complete the sexual act. No longer rely on the movement of hands, and have a wonderful experience comparable to real people. Putting the masturbation cup against the wall or the head of the bed can save more energy, and enjoy an unprecedented sexual experience easily.

Aircraft Cup

2. Vibrating eggs - you can feel happy while sitting or lying down

The joy that vibrating eggs bring to women can experience happiness more than bags and diamonds. Only the real orgasm is the ultimate happiness. Women who are inconvenient to directly complete the sexual act can use the vibrating egg to feel the pleasure, place the vibrating egg in the body or on the surface of the private part, without the cooperation of other limbs, and obtain pleasure simply and easily. It can be used without physical participation at all, and can be used alone, whether it is sitting or lying down, it can save you energy to the greatest extent, and friends who are eager to try it out!

jumping egg

3. AV stick - a pleasure that does not require power at all

The AV stick is the same as the vibrating egg. It makes women orgasm through tremors and rhythms. The main advantage of the AV stick is that it has a large vibration range, which can stimulate sensitive parts outside the body without entering the body, reducing friction on the private parts, and will not stretch private area. Female friends who are inconvenient to use vibrating eggs can consider AV sticks, which can be placed between the legs. There is no need to take off clothes and underwear, and the orgasm can be achieved through the cloth, which truly realizes the sexual pleasure experience that does not require strength.

AV stick

4. Silicone breasts - happiness from the lips

Breasts are the main source of food at the beginning of human life, and they leave us with a sense of security. No matter how strong a man encounters setbacks, he needs to hide in a gentle and safe embrace, and have an intimate contact with the softest part of a woman. . For friends with physical deficiencies, they often encounter inconvenient situations. They need a sense of security and hope to have a warm embrace. Silicone breasts highly restore the touch of female breasts, using non-toxic and edible materials, you can feel full of security whether you are licking or touching. Put the silicone breasts next to the pillow, and you can feel the sense of security and happiness with your lips, giving you companionship and care.

5. Real-life dolls —restore the love that accompanies you

Real-life dolls can be described as high-end products in adult products. They fully restore the female body to a high degree, and the holes are also carefully designed, and the three holes are opened together. The high-end inflatable girlfriend is made of silicone material, and the bones and joints of the whole body can be moved. The hair is made of real hair. For those who long for companionship and love, having a girlfriend who is always by their side is the real happiness they need, and they will no longer be alone in the morning and evening.

real doll

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