"The kind of deep, soul-shattering pleasure can be as short as (minutes) or as long as several hours. Reaching such an orgasm will help improve the sexual quality of the couple and make the relationship sweeter." This is an article on the US "Fox News" website The excellent description of orgasm. But a recent authoritative survey in the United States found that more than half of the couples who have been married for many years still cannot feel the real orgasm. Experts point out that if you want to have an orgasm, you must know the following 6 things The "Golden Rule".

1. Know what a real orgasm is. During orgasm, the blood rushes, the skin flushes, the heart pumps, breathing increases, and muscles tighten rapidly. The specific feeling varies from person to person. Some people feel warmth all over the body; some people feel a complete sense of relaxation after tension; It can only be obtained through sexual intercourse.

2. Allow enough time for foreplay. Sharpening a knife does not cut wood by mistake, and there must be enough foreplay time before sex. Get in close contact with each other, enjoy the touching of your partner, especially the touching of sensitive parts, massage the whole body or kiss, and have more sexual fantasies... These methods will help arouse sexual desire, and finally let both parties enjoy the pleasure of orgasm during sex.


3. Understand the common sense of sexual skills. The more thoroughly you understand the human body, sex and sexual reflexology, the more you can feel the joy of sex and achieve the state of selfless sex. If you want to get the pleasure of orgasm, you should expand your knowledge of sex and learn more about sexual reflexes, sexual skills and other common sense.

4. Concentrate on the lower body. In the process of sex, wild thoughts should be eliminated and energy should be concentrated on the lower part of the body. In this way, the explosive power of sex will be stronger, and the sexual reaction will be more intense.

5. Exchange sexual sensation. If you are afraid of knocking out the pleasure of sex, you should ask your partner more about their feelings. The method of making love should also be recognized by both parties. Encouraging each other between husband and wife is conducive to increasing sexual pleasure.

6. Exercise the pelvic muscles. Through practice, women's vaginal strength will be greater and the clamp will be tighter. Men can hold ejaculation more easily, prolong the sex time, and have stronger erection hardness and ejaculation force during ejaculation.

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