Kiss is a simple act of expressing intimacy between lovers. A high-quality kiss can be unforgettable for a long time. But some people often encounter embarrassment when kissing because they don't know how to kiss, and even affect their intimate relationship. The "Times of India" recently summarized the "skills to become a master kisser" to help people learn to kiss their lovers correctly.

1. Fresh breath is very important. Nothing kills passion like bad breath. If you want to impress your kissing, it starts with good oral hygiene. The doctor's advice is: brush your teeth thoroughly before kissing, avoid eating bad-smelling foods such as garlic, onions and leeks, and use mouth fresheners if necessary.

fresh breath

2. Don't open your mouth too much. Although there is no clear rule on how big the mouths of both parties should open when kissing, but too big will make people feel indecent. It is best for the lips of both sides to stick together gently first, and then adjust each other.

3. The posture should be varied. Varying the rhythm and position of the kiss can add interest to the kiss and keep your partner addicted to it. It is especially taboo to keep one posture unchanged when kissing, which will not only cause compression pain, but also easily make people annoying.

4. Use your hands appropriately. Appropriate use of both hands during kissing can enhance passion, but don't use too much force. You can place them on the sensitive parts of the other party, such as arms, back, neck, etc.

5. Don't stare into each other's eyes. Some people want to see their partner enjoying themselves while kissing, but this can take away from your commitment. When people enjoy the greatest pleasure, the eyes tend to close automatically. If you want to spy on the other person's beauty, just take a look or two now and then.

6. Don't move your tongue. The technical content of tongue kissing is very high. If it is not used well, it will be full of aggression. Generally, when kissing, let the tongue tips of the two people touch gently and intermittently, and never lick each other's teeth with your tongue.

7. Watch out for saliva. Most of them have a little cleanliness. If they are kissed with saliva all over their faces, they will feel sick and lose interest in further lingering.

8. Don't think about sex when you kiss. Kissing is not a fixed "prelude" to sex. More often, a kiss is a bridge to maintain two people, a signal to show intimacy, and a silent expression of "I love you".

9. Be confident about kissing. Even the passive part of the kiss should be confident. When the passion is at its peak, don't have any restrictions in your mind, just let yourself be fully enjoyed.


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