The figure of a mature woman has generally reached the most mature period in a woman's life. From the outside, mature women are plump and charming, giving people a very special, sometimes indescribable, attractive mature sex appeal. The breasts of mature women are generally more plump. Of course, they generally have a certain degree of sagging. They are not as firm as girls, and they lack elasticity. Moreover, the pigment of the nipple and areola is relatively dark, with a feeling of vicissitudes and haggardness. Although mature women's breasts have these defects, but if men only like women's breasts "big", mature women's breasts are quite attractive. It is hard to avoid the large or small abdomen of mature women, after all, they are not young and have given birth. Purely from the perspective of slimming and body aesthetics, the buttocks of mature women are not up to standard, a bit too bloated and sagging. But sometimes men pay more attention to the visual sexual stimulation and sexual pleasure during sex when they feel a woman's buttocks. Therefore, the actual feeling brought by the plump buttocks of mature women is far stronger than the analysis from an aesthetic point of view.

mature woman sex tips

Mature women generally have richer experience and feelings of making love. When you have sex with her, you don't have to worry about her inexperienced troubles. She will not cause you to be at a loss because of her nervousness, she will not make you sweat profusely because she is not familiar with the choice of positions, and she will not make you feel boring during sex because of her inexperience . On the contrary, based on her experience, she will comfort you when you are nervous, remind you when your posture is improper, considerate you when you are tired, and even give you advice on adopting a better posture or method to make the two Human lovemaking goes on better. But mature women's rich sex experience and feelings may also bring a negative side to men. Rich sex experience makes her ask you to have better sex skills, otherwise the too general way of sex may be too boring for her; long-term Your lovemaking experience will make her put forward higher demands on you. If you are not strong enough, it will be difficult to fully satisfy her desires, which may make her feel very disappointed. Therefore, from this perspective, men still have a certain amount of pressure. hehe.

Since mature women have rich experience in making love, they don't need any special skills when making love. However, due to some characteristics of mature women themselves. In the process of making love, there are some aspects to pay attention to. Mature women generally have given birth, so the vagina will be relatively loose, which will have a certain impact on the sexual pleasure of both men and women. The solution is to start with mature women themselves. Some women have the ability to self-control vaginal tightening. These mature women can properly display this ability during sex, which can bring higher sexual pleasure to themselves and men. One method is that men take measures to adopt some sex positions that can reduce the impact of women's vaginal looseness, such as sideways positions. Mature women have higher requirements for the quality of sex, so when making love, in addition to their own efforts, men should also adopt some positions that enable women to better achieve orgasm, such as female upper position.

When you have sex with a mature woman, you will get a full and warm feeling, you will feel the full satisfaction of your physical desires, and you will also feel the full stimulation of making love. Both men and women are experienced people, everyone is familiar with the road, everything will be relatively smooth, and everyone will move towards the pinnacle of sex together!

Female upper position - "Eve" shows off her charming posture Female upper position is a sexual intercourse position that is second only to male upper position in sexual intercourse activities. The widespread use of female superiors is not only related to its rationality in terms of sexual physiology, but also deeply influenced by the feminist movement. It can be said that the improvement of women's social status has led to the popularity of female superiors. That's why some people in the West call this century the "era of female superiors". Women are no longer simply subordinate to men, and they are no longer completely passive in sex life. They are also active and even monopolize power.

Sexual intercourse activities can reflect the difference in the status of husband and wife. In the past, people believed that men were superior to women, and if someone proposed that women be superior, not only men, but even women themselves would actively oppose it. However, times have changed, and people are more accepting of scientific and reasonable sexual knowledge.

Femininity means that the man lies on his back on the bed, and the woman sits on the man's legs. She can touch the penis with her hands, and after the erection, she actively caters to make it enter the vagina. The dominatrix is ​​a basic sexual intercourse position, and it can also evolve into different ways. When the dominatrix is ​​in the dominatrix, the female legs can be kneeling, placed on both sides of the man's body, and the body can be upright, reclined or lying on the man's chest. The upper arms can be placed in front of the male shoulders or under the armpits on both sides, or they can be supported on both sides when leaning back.

The characteristic of female superiority is that the male is passive and the female is active, which adds new ideas to the sex life. In addition, when men are unwell, obese or want to reduce physical exertion, this sexual intercourse position can meet their needs. Men have a special feeling when they are in the female upper position, that is, the experience of turning from active to passive. He is experiencing how to be inserted instead of inserted. When detaching and inserting into the vagina, some books compare it to piston movement, like the movement of a pump, and both men and women will have full sexual pleasure. The woman can freely control the depth of insertion and the frequency of piston movement.

Female superiors are also conducive to adjusting the length of sexual intercourse and posture changes according to the woman's physical strength and interests. Men can touch women's breasts or clitoris or slightly move the pelvis upwards to cater to women's initiative. The disadvantage of female upper position is that it does not stimulate the female genitals enough. Women who are sensitive to clitoral stimulation but not vaginal stimulation often cannot obtain sufficient sexual satisfaction from this position. In order to improve this situation, on the one hand, it can be used by men. Stimulate the female clitoris with both hands. In addition, the female clitoris can be used to expand the contact range between the male pubic bone and the female vulva to increase sexual pleasure.

Pay attention to the degree of lubrication of the female vagina when using female dominatrix. Do not insert it in a hurry if it is not fully lubricated, so as not to cause damage to the penis or pain on both sides. Insert it slowly, touch it multiple times, and do not insert it completely at one time.

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