1. Sex with love is called making love; otherwise, it is called sexual intercourse.
2. One-night stands and sexual indulgence are not illegal, but they are harmful to health.
3. Please don’t ask how to persuade/cheat/coax your MM to go to bed; this will make everyone feel that your behavior is only controlled by sexual impulses; only when the love is strong, everything will be natural...
4. A good sex life is an integral part of a happy marriage; a sexless marriage would be miserable, I think.
5. Sex, in many cases, means commitment and responsibility; please consider this matter carefully before you are sure that your shoulders can bear enough weight.
6. Before sex, think carefully about whether you should use contraception, instead of just thinking about how to be happier; otherwise, there will be only torture in the days after happiness.
7. Four things to pay attention to in the first sex life: gentle movements - appropriate location - pay attention to hygiene - contraception.
8. Before starting your sexual journey, please reserve enough sexual knowledge - so as not to push yourself into a situation where you have to make up for it.
9. Let’s send a word to the boys, although it’s a bit old: a woman will never forget, and even love her first man all her life.
10. By the way, a word of warning is a bit useless: having sex with a girl under the age of 14, whether the girl consents to it or not, is a crime.

Sex knowledge
11. The hymen is just a layer of fragile connective tissue; it's normal to have no redness during the first sexual intercourse. A ruptured hymen can occur for many reasons besides sex.
12. Women's nipples and labia are black, which is the result of pigmentation, and has nothing to do with whether they are virgins or not.
13. Do not try to judge whether a girl is a virgin by physical appearance, any such method has no scientific basis. Must judge? It's no use going to the doctor...
14. Of course you can have a virgin/virgin plot, this is your own choice, there is nothing wrong with it; but I will give you a word - don't "only allow officials to set fires, and people are not allowed to light lamps".
15. Another word to the girls: It is best not to tell gg about your past; maybe he doesn't care that you are not a virgin, but for you, forgetting everything about the past may be the greatest loyalty to your lover.
16. The safe period is not safe.
17. Yuting is not a panacea, not a life-saving straw; cherish life※cherish health※use Yuting with caution.
18. After taking Yuting, it may lead to menstrual disorder in the next few months, and may cause irregular vaginal bleeding during non-menstrual period; moreover, this is just a little external manifestation of Yuting's side effects.
19. Condoms are a safe and effective method of contraception; they are also effective in preventing sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.
20. Condoms can be bought in large supermarkets, pharmacies, etc.; you should use good quality condoms, and don't just buy cheap ones and buy inferior ones. ; Should also pay attention to the correct use.
21. Don't say that having sex with TT is like putting on a raincoat to take a bath-but remember, letting mm take contraceptive pills for a long time is to let mm self-mutilate her body!
22. Under the current level of medical science, any kind of oral contraceptives have side effects!
23. External ejaculation is very unsafe: a small amount of semen flows out during sexual life, and it is not easy for men to control their movements when they reach orgasm.
24. The contraceptive ring is not suitable for unmarried and childless women and is not recommended; similarly, ligation is not suitable for unmarried and childless men.
25. Borderline sex can indeed lead to pregnancy, but the probability is very small.
26. If menstruation has come, it fully shows that there is no pregnancy. (Of course, a small amount of vaginal bleeding may also occur after pregnancy, but it is easy to judge from the appearance, which is obviously different from menstruation)
27. If after a risky (pregnancy-inducing) sexual activity, your period is overdue, take a pregnancy test immediately (or go straight to the hospital).
28. On the day when menstruation is delayed, you can use test strips to check whether you are pregnant; because if you are pregnant, the hcg value in urine will reach the peak at this time; pay attention to the correct use method, and it is best to use morning urine.
29. If menstruation has been delayed for more than 14 days and has not come, no matter what the test results are, please go to the hospital for a systematic examination to avoid accidents.
30. Nausea, vomiting, anorexia and other early pregnancy reactions usually appear after 5-6 weeks of pregnancy (that is, at least 1 week of menopause); don't make random guesses because of this, please remember to use early pregnancy test strips.
31. Smegma is an important cause of vaginal cancer in men and cervical cancer in their partners; this is why circumcision is recommended for all men with phimosis and circumcision.
32. Please pay attention to the cleanliness of the vulva, which should be cleaned frequently, especially for men! Even more so before sex.
33. The female vagina has a strong self-cleaning ability. If you do not follow the doctor's advice, please do not abuse the vaginal lotion. (While vulva douche can be used)
34. Using pads is not the best choice; choosing cotton underwear and changing underwear frequently is more conducive to the cleanliness of female vulva.
35. Women should pay close attention to the changes of leucorrhea; if there are obvious changes in odor, color, and traits, gynecological inflammation should be suspected, and please go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible; self-medication may delay treatment and aggravate symptoms.
36. Symptoms such as backache and back pain after sex life indicate excessive physical exertion, and you should pay more attention to rest at this time; this is the most basic requirement of sexual health care - do what you can.
37. Sexual mental health is also an aspect worthy of attention; if you find yourself having sexual psychological confusion and it is difficult to solve it by yourself, you should consult a professional psychologist as soon as possible.
38. Sexual fantasies are a very normal behavior, but care should be taken not to rely too much on sexual fantasies to achieve sexual satisfaction.
39. Sexual deviation (such as fetishism, voyeurism, etc.) is a psychological disease that requires systematic psychotherapy.
40. The healthy performance of sexual psychology and physiology can bring people plenty of vitality; facing one's own sexual needs and pursuing sexual health are behaviors that should be advocated, not something "shy".
41. Whether it is abortion or medical abortion, in a sense, it destroys the physical and mental health of women; can you bear the weight of life?
42. Abortion should be performed within 14 weeks of pregnancy; if more than 14 weeks, only more painful induction of labor can be done.
43. Medical abortion should be carried out within 49 days of pregnancy; medical abortion may cause unclean flow, which requires painful curettage.
44. Multiple miscarriages (whether artificial or medical) will thin the uterine wall, resulting in infertility or habitual miscarriage.
45. After abortion, menstruation usually resumes in 30-40 days; after abortion, you should follow the doctor's advice and go to the hospital for reexamination on time.
46. ​​After abortion, sexual life is strictly prohibited within one month! ! ! (Forgive me for using 3 exclamation points here, but I actually want to use more)
47. Prescription drugs are used for medical abortion, and you must not operate medical abortion without doctor's advice; otherwise, the consequences will be disastrous.
48. The current widespread painless abortion operation can reduce the pain caused by abortion to a certain extent; if the unfortunate pregnancy requires abortion, this may be the best way among many painful options.
49. Adequate rest and proper recuperation should be paid attention to after abortion so as not to leave some sequelae.
50. If it is confirmed that you are pregnant, the earlier the abortion operation is, the better; therefore, you must pay close attention to the situation. If the test paper shows a positive result, go to the hospital immediately after confirming the diagnosis, and contact the abortion.

51. Do you want a baby? Haha, congratulations; however, quit smoking, drinking, and other bad living habits that may affect the quality of sperm and eggs. Also, check your body!
52. Sex life should be prohibited during the first 3 months and the last 3 months of pregnancy; the sex life during this period should not be too violent.
53. During the whole pregnancy, one should pay attention to a reasonable diet, appropriate activities, adequate rest, and not to take drugs casually.
56. You can make love wildly and wantonly; but you need to find a quiet and comfortable place, not in the playground in the dark of night, or the dormitory where your roommates are sleeping peacefully...
57. No one is born a master of sex; only when you get in touch with your partner and practice slowly, your sex will become perfect day by day.
58. Are you going to open a room? Remember that both parties must bring their ID cards.
59. Do you want to play SM? anal sex? Yes, but it is best to seek the consent of your partner first, and pay attention to safety and hygiene.
60. Sex is a relaxing game between lovers; don’t always use the same way – change tricks, invent and create, you will be high to the extreme^_^
61. Call the bed? Hehe, let's scream, don't feel shy; let your man know your happiness-this is the best way to encourage him.
62. A girl's sexual interest needs to be developed by gg; keep exploring, and slowly you will lead her into the mysterious garden of sex.
63. Learn to reject the other party - don't force yourself when you don't want to; don't force the other party either. Only when both parties actively and enthusiastically invest can such sex have vitality.
64. Semen is non-toxic, it is up to you to swallow. (Hey, just to explain, maybe some mm still don't accept it, it doesn't matter)
65.^_^ Not much to say, sex is up to "I" -- so, the best way is the way that suits you; your own experience is the most important!
66. At present, there are nearly 1 million officially reported HIV carriers; what should be done? What not to do? Think for yourself.
67. AIDS is transmitted through blood, bodily fluids and vertical transmission from mother to child; while normal daily contact with HIV carriers will not be transmitted at all.
68. After having unclean sex, out of a responsible attitude towards yourself and your lover, please go to the hospital to check whether you are infected with STDs and AIDS.
69. Don’t think that venereal diseases are easy to treat: even under the current medical conditions, some venereal diseases cannot be cured! For example, tertiary syphilis can be fatal!
70. Some sexually transmitted diseases may also be transmitted through non-sexual means.
71. The treatment of dysmenorrhea requires long-term conditioning in a large traditional Chinese medicine hospital, instead of taking painkillers for a long time to relieve symptoms; however, many primary dysmenorrhea will not gradually improve until after marriage and childbirth.
72. Small, painless, non-itchy rashes the size of millet grains that appear on male glans and coronal grooves are called pearly papules; they are not sexually transmitted diseases, are not contagious, and are harmless to the body.
73. Vaginal bleeding after sex? It may be due to gynecological inflammation, excessive sexual movements, etc., judge for yourself. (One of the obvious signs of gynecological inflammation is the change of leucorrhea)
74. Pain in sex life? It may be: incomplete rupture of the hymen during the first few sexual lives, gynecological inflammation, insufficient foreplay leading to insufficient lubrication.
75. Do you watch porn? That's normal, and I watch it too; but remember, there are many misunderstandings in porn, and porn is not equal to sexual knowledge, which is very different from the real situation.
76. Among men in our country. The average length of the penis after erection is 8-12cm; as long as you exceed 8cm, it is not a short penis.
77. The decisive factors that determine whether XX is beautiful are love, sexual skills, and your cooperation, and there is no necessary connection with the "size" of the male penis (as long as it is within the normal range).
78. Is your mm frigid? She is not over 40 years old, is she? That's not frigidity; ask her how she needs it - many times, what women need is more tenderness than non-stop sex all night long!
79. Your mm has loose vagina? She is not over 40 years old, has she never given birth? That's not it; remember, sexual skills and the tacit cooperation between two people are the most important-don't push the MM when something goes wrong!
80. Are you impotent? Early diarrhea? The occasional few times without any problems! It is almost impossible to have organic diseases at our age; relax and believe in yourself-sex is a game
81. Sexual masturbation is a very normal way to relieve one's own sexual depression, and there is no harm - as long as it is not excessive; don't bear the psychological burden of it! But be sure to buy it in a regular adult supply store.
82. As long as it does not affect normal life, study, and work, then any frequency of sexual life is normal; each person's constitution is different, and the sexual tolerance is also different.
83. Do you suffer from kidney deficiency? Don’t make wild guesses, please go to the hospital for an examination and then draw conclusions; although there are overwhelming advertisements for tonifying the kidney, they are not aimed at us young men in their 20s who are full of vigor!
84. Is there something wrong with your XX? Your sex life is not harmonious? Go ask your partner how they feel! How would he/she like it? Sex is about the two of you!
85. The treatment of vaginitis should be carried out according to the doctor's advice. At the same time, it is best for both men and women to take medicine together; and sex life should be avoided as much as possible during treatment.
86. The incidence of ectopic pregnancy is still very low, especially for nulliparous women; but if you suddenly experience severe abdominal pain, chills, fever, severe nausea and vomiting, and severe headache after about 1-2 weeks of sexual life, please go to the hospital immediately. Hospital check!
87. Intimate contact between couples may cause pain and discomfort in the male testicles and lower abdomen. This is a normal phenomenon, and it will get better after a short rest.
88. Aphrodisiacs, Viagra... Do you want to take them? If you're not in the sex industry, don't - it's not good for your health.
89. Don't always hold back ejaculation because of deliberately delaying the time of ejaculation-this will cause physical fatigue, and may cause arrhythmia and retrograde ejaculation after a long time.
90. Women also have the limit of sexual tolerance, it is very important to understand this; enough is enough, and things will be reversed when extremes are reached; ask mm about her own feelings...
91. People with poor liver function should pay attention to a planned and restrained life to avoid fatigue.
92. Smoking will have adverse effects on sex life; surveys have shown that the incidence of impotence in men who smoke is significantly higher than that in non-smokers.
93.mm should be more caring, considerate, and caring during menstruation; the most important point is that sexual life should be prohibited during menstruation.
94. It is not good to use built-in tampons, which can lead to infection; using a suitable sanitary napkin is the best choice.
95. Don't be afraid of MM who encounters sexual harassment, even if you are really afraid, you must make a bold and powerful counterattack; repeated forbearance and evasion will only make those wretched men get bigger. Kicking directly to the opponent's bottom is the best pre-emptive strike!
96. Women with smaller breasts don’t have to worry too much. After marriage and childbirth, breasts will redevelop to varying degrees; please consider carefully breast augmentation surgery. (TAIWAN's "I Guess I Guess" program promotes all rubbish.)
97. It is not advisable to artificially change the menstrual cycle; if necessary, please go to the hospital and take some medicines to change the menstrual cycle after following the doctor's advice.
98. Don't listen to the rumors that birth control pills can cure acne! Even if there is such an effect, it is only the result of hormones; taking birth control pills for a long time is tantamount to self-harm.
99. Women should pay close attention to the situation of breast lumps; if abnormal phenomena such as lumps increase significantly, persistent pain does not disappear, etc., they should go to the hospital for examination in time.

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