In many popular science videos on human reproduction, we often see the powerful mating skills of the heroine, which makes the heroine so excited that he sprays love liquid, but in our practical operation, we can hardly restore this scene. Could it be that these actresses have the special function of spraying water? ? The answer is no, they do not have special functions, but fully meet the needs of the body. The tide itself is the secretion from the reproductive organs, which is used for lubrication during the mating process, making the process more comfortable and safe, and the strong pleasure will stimulate the female reproductive organs to secrete a large amount of liquid in a short period of time, achieving a visual tidal effect. In other words, every woman can squirt and experience the thrill of love juice gushing out. So, how should we master the skills and methods of ejaculation? How can I make myself squirt? Next, please study these secrets carefully to unlock the ultimate squirting pleasure for your sex life!


1. Discover the G-spot - the most sensitive private area

There is a mysterious sensitive area inside the female private parts - the G-spot. Regarding it, many people have not been able to explore the mystery, they just stop at hearing its function, and do not know its specific location and shape characteristics. In fact, the G-spot is located about five centimeters inside the vagina. It is usually a bump on the upper wall of the vagina, similar to a larger vaginal fold. Female friends can use their fingers to explore the G-spot by themselves, touch its shape and outline, use different strengths to feel the sensitivity, and provide practical experience for subsequent sex life. Only by knowing your own sensitivity can you truly unlock the ejaculation function.

2. Vibrating Egg Support - Tremor Pleasure Sends You to Orgasm

Vibrating eggs play an important role in women's sexual life, just as lipstick is inseparable from makeup. It is a booster for women to obtain sexual pleasure. Whether it is the bikini area on the surface of the body or the G-spot area inside the body, it can fully tease and stimulate women's desire, and can speed up the progress of orgasm and increase the intensity of pleasure. Use vibrating eggs during sex, and target sensitive areas for a certain period of time, especially when women start to have a strong physical reaction, increase the frequency, allowing women to spew tides in hoarse orgasms.

jumping egg

3. Use both hands and mouth - a partner with rich skills will make you happier

When a woman chooses a partner for an intimate relationship, she should not only look at appearance and income, but also pay attention to the flexibility of his fingers and tongue. Single and repetitive piston movements are always boring and boring, but the flexibility of fingers and tongue will always make women enjoy it. The simple movements of tickling and licking keep the two people fresh and happy for a long time. Adjusting the frequency and range of movements according to the female's response can quickly achieve the effect of ejaculation. It is recommended that men shave their beards and trim their nails before starting, so that they can achieve squirting more comfortably and safely!

4. Drink water in advance - keeping the whole body hydrated makes it easier to spray

Many actresses will do necessary preparations before filming ejaculation scenes, such as drinking enough water to ensure sufficient water in the body and ensure that the private parts can complete the ejaculation ejaculation. Drinking enough water can keep the body hydrated, the skin and private parts will be more delicate and smooth, and it will be easier to spray love fluid.

5. Relax your emotions - only when you let go completely can you spray out to your heart's content

As the ultimate experience of orgasm, squirting requires both men and women to be fully immersed in the sexual intercourse process to achieve intense pleasure. In the face of stiff and unfamiliar partners, women cannot fully participate in the process, resulting in slow and difficult orgasms, and the physical response is not strong enough to achieve ejaculation. Both parties can choose a place with strong privacy before the sexual act begins, adjust the atmosphere in advance, relieve tension through the channel of caressing and kissing, and slowly enter the theme, so that women can completely let go of their lust and spew tides unscrupulously. It is recommended to pay attention to the early caress, not to be too impatient, and to relax to get a stronger pleasure.

February 14, 2023 — BeYourLover亞太華語

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