What gift can satisfy a woman's mysterious and romantic thoughts? Of course, it is a treasure that can not only touch their bodies, but also please their hearts, and can also enhance mutual affection. Some people may ask: Does such a perfect gift really exist? The answer is: it really exists! And it can also move your goddess to tears! The remote control vibrator is a very practical sex toy , which can provide women with rich sexual pleasure and add a pleasant experience of sexual life. Many women are fond of vibrating eggs and often use it to relieve their physiological needs and obtain free and easy sexual pleasure. What are the different ways to play the remote control jumping egg? How should women get more fun out of it? Next, let us jointly explore the fun gameplay of remote control jumping eggs!

remote control

1. Remote control - make long-distance couples no longer lonely

The relationship between long-distance couples is hard-won. Due to the distance and the difficulty of reunion, each other's loneliness cannot be satisfied, and there is a high probability that they will end up breaking up. For the physiological needs of long-distance couples, the remote-controlled egg-tiao has developed an APP-controlled remote -controlled egg-tiao , which can span distance and space and realize long-distance sex life experience. The two parties started training through the video call channel. The boy controls the switch and frequency of the vibrating egg on the mobile phone APP, and the girl puts the vibrating egg in the body in advance.

Mobile phone remote control jumping egg

2. Anytime, anywhere - enjoy the pleasure boldly and boldly

The difference between the remote control switch and the ordinary switch is the position of the control switch. The switch of the normal switch is connected to the switch, which can only be used in a private space and is not easy to operate; while the switch control of the remote switch is separated from the switch, and the frequency can be hidden anywhere. It can be used in classrooms, offices or shopping malls. Put the switch in your pocket and bag, and place the vibrating egg in your body to start exciting sexual life adventures anytime, anywhere. It is especially suitable for women who have high requirements on the quality of sexual life, so that every sexual life is full of exciting pleasure.

office temptation

3. Exposed in the wild - to satisfy your stimulating and contrasting thoughts

Outdoor exposure is a popular content on major erotic websites. Many women are not satisfied with ordinary sex life, and like to challenge sex in outdoor places to satisfy their inner desires. For example: in public places such as roads, shopping malls, fitting rooms, etc., wear a long coat on the outside, and stuff the vibrator inside with a naked body. When others are not paying attention, open the clothes and expose the body, use the vibrator to enhance the pleasure, and the photographer can control the switch and frequency changes. This behavior has certain challenges, suitable for adventurous and bold women to try, and open a new world of contrasts.

exposed in the wild

4. Girls' dormitory - the perfect combination of purity and sexiness

In the eyes of everyone, college girls are a group of intelligent and pure women, but sometimes they also need to solve their physical needs. Due to the control of their parents and schools, many of them dare not try sexual behavior easily. And Tiaodan is the best choice for these shy female students. You don't have to worry about your boyfriend's irresponsibility, and you don't have to bear the risk of unwanted pregnancy, and you can simply and easily solve your physiological needs. It can be used in the dormitory, and you can watch the video while manipulating the switch, and you can experience it on the bed, in front of the desk, or in the classroom. No one can guess that under the pure and lovely appearance, there is a playful and sexy heart hidden. Satisfying one's own needs is the essence of happiness in life.

girls dormitory

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