Male friends often expect to have a strong waist, to be able to complete every piston process excellently, and to give the other party a comfortable and perfect sexual experience. But men are not so energetic every day. Stress and anxiety make them exhaust their energy during the day, and they are more eager to relax and relax at night, awakening their dormant desire and motivation. Only relaxed and comfortable sex can men fully enjoy And deeply involved. In order to solve the problem of men's excessive physical exertion in the process of sex, a treasure came into being, it is - electric masturbation cup ! If the birth of the fully automatic washing machine liberated women's hands, then the electric masturbation cup is the gospel of men's hands. Its mission is to liberate men's hands and bring you a fully automatic sex experience. So, what are the functions of the electric masturbation cup known as "automatic sex experience"?
Electric Masturbation Cup
1. Vibration - the feeling of numbness wrapping the body

There are countless vibrating particles on the inner wall of the electric masturbation cup. After putting the dick into the mouth and turning on the switch, the feeling of numbness spreads all over the body. The pleasure brought by the vibration greatly enhances the user experience, no longer repeating the boring piston process, but really let the masturbation cup serve itself and fully take care of every body detail. The vibrating egg that girls prefer is similar to the experience of the electric masturbation cup. They both feel the pleasure through vibration and reach the orgasm comfortably.

Electric Masturbation Cup

2. Tighten—shrink and relax, just like grasping with small hands

What's the most uncontrollable thing a guy can do? Of course it is the feeling of tightening and relaxing! Probe into the cave, tighten and relax rhythmically, rise to the clouds in an instant, and swim in the sea in an instant, which is an indescribable exciting feeling. The electric masturbation cup adopts a tightening function similar to that of a real person. It stimulates the sensitive parts of men through tightening and relaxing, just like a small hand is gently grasping. Not every girl can retract and release freely, and systematic training is required to achieve the effect, and the electric masturbation cup can easily realize this function, which is a real trendy experience in sex life.

Electric Masturbation Cup 3. Ease - no longer rely on hands, experience pleasure automatically

When using ordinary masturbation cups in the past, you need to manually control the rhythm and frequency, which often makes your arms sore and tired of the same piston movement. The electric masturbation cup has multiple gears, which represent different frequencies and rhythms. You can use the low-level bits to enjoy slowly in the early stage of use. After entering the exciting stage, turn on the high-frequency mode for continuous stimulation, and enjoy a fully automatic sex life with variations and comfort. While freeing your hands, you will no longer worry about getting your hands full of love liquid, and you will not stain the quilt and bed sheets. You can just wash the masturbation cup afterwards, which is trouble-free and comfortable.

4. Heating - bring you a sense of security with automatic constant temperature

The inside of a girl's vagina is warm and humid, and a man will have a sense of physical and physical security after entering it, and his desires that have nowhere to rest can be vented. Ordinary masturbation cups cannot be heated independently, so the temperature can only be changed through pipes soaked in hot water, but they will cool down after a while, and cannot meet the needs of men for a long time. The electric masturbation cup has powerful functions, and it also has a heating and constant temperature function, which can maintain the temperature of the inner wall of a woman's vagina, pour lubricant into it, and enjoy the same sex life as a real person.

January 29, 2023 — BeYourLover亞太華語

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