The ancient brothel is the favorite place to visit, it seems that the brothel represents a superb place to stay. But what about the sex skills of the women in the brothel? This is something that many people want to know now, let me tell you one by one below!

brothel girl
Zhidao Huanglong should be mentally prepared when having sex, treat the other party as a stone, don't get too excited, and cherish your own essence to avoid premature release of essence. And the other party can't reach the climax yet, which affects the interest. The problem of premature ejaculation of men like this can be said to be both old and new.
Modern people should still abide by the principles suggested by Su Nv Jing, and the orgasms of men and women should be coordinated with each other as much as possible. At the same time, men should not have the mentality of only caring about their desires and ignoring women's reactions. If it is in modern times, many men and women will want to say that it is necessary to lubricate women's skin first so that they can feel more firm!

Touch the sensitive zone The caressing skill of the ancients in the room is to caress each other gently from the fingertips to the shoulders, from the toes to the thighs. The foot starts from the big toe and the second toe, and then gradually moves upward. Because the nerve endings of the legs are distributed from top to bottom. For the hand, start from the middle finger, and then rub the index finger and ring finger, and rub the three fingers alternately. First rub the back of the hand, then enter the palm, move upward from the palm, caress the inner side of the arm with four fingers, and gradually go up the shoulder.

Real wife-swapping game: How to escape the point of no return After the caressing of the hands and feet, the man hugs the woman's back with his left hand, caresses the woman's important erogenous zone with his right hand, and kisses at the same time. Kissing also proceeds in sequence, first on the neck, then on the forehead. Men also suck and kiss each other's throat, neck and nipples with their mouths, and nibble on women's sensitive areas such as ears with their teeth.

Nine shallow and one deep caress the main parts of the woman's body fully, and then slowly carry out the "nine shallow and one deep" intercourse method, the other party will get very pleasure and show a very satisfied look. Its main purpose is to teach men to control themselves rationally, try to make women happy and achieve orgasm, and they can avoid premature ejaculation.
The penis is pushed in shallowly for nine times first to make the woman's spring rippling and her mind wandering, and then a very deep stroke is made. It is called "nine shallow and one deep". Because during the nine times of shallow penetration, the woman can feel the pleasure of gentle friction, and then she is thrust hard, her heart trembles, the man's glans reaches the depths of the vulva, the woman will immediately fall into a state of extreme excitement, and the vagina will repeatedly swell and swell. The phenomenon of constant tightening. The more so, the more the intervention of the penis, the more you can experience the pleasure of intercourse.
Although Western medicine has learned from the principles of anatomy and physiology that it is necessary to spend a considerable amount of time caressing a woman's erogenous zone before sexual intercourse, it is far less effective than the principles of acupuncture and moxibustion in traditional Chinese medicine, which is based on the method of functional physiology. Because caressing the woman's meridians wholeheartedly according to the aforementioned method, the other party's induction is very sharp, fast and natural.

Eight shallow and two deep men's penis should not be pumped and sent in a rigid manner when it enters and exits the vagina. It must swim in like an eel and swing the body horizontally so that both walls of the woman's vagina can feel the conflict of the penis.
Or when entering and exiting the vagina, use the method of walking up and down the body like a leech. In this way, the upper and lower walls of the woman's vagina can also clearly feel the pleasure of penis penetration and rubbing, and finally she will be fascinated and climax with joy.
Eight shallow and two deep, death to life, right to left. At the same time, limit the number of penetrations. Unless there are very special cases, women need to insert each time to reach the deepest part of the vagina, because every time they penetrate deeply, this kind of strong pleasure can easily lead to sexual numbness and self-defeating. . Just like scratching the back to relieve itching, if you use too much force and too many times, it will easily cause pain.

Use sex toys to add to the fun. Don't think that the ancients were very conservative. Although modern adult toys are slightly different from ancient toys in shape, don't underestimate the ancient people's invention and creativity in bed curtains. Adding toys during sex will help you reach orgasm more happily and enjoy the ultimate sex pleasure

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