As a girl who has high requirements for the quality of sex life, I have dated three boyfriends, but they all broke up because they were not compatible enough in bed. The first boyfriend was the teacher who took me to open the magic box of sex life, but his persistence was very low, and he surrendered hastily after only ten minutes. The second and third boyfriends left me with a boring and monotonous sex life experience. Because I didn't understand foreplay and flirting skills at all, I often couldn't reach climax. Therefore, I choose to use sex toys to solve my sexual needs and satisfy my own sexual life experience.

I searched for sex toys from many shopping websites. After quality comparison and forum reviews, I chose a new and cute " telephone " female sex toy. What impresses me about it is not only its appearance, but also its versatile and powerful functions. It integrates adult products such as vibrating eggs , AV sticks and breast clips, and makes me feel unprecedented extreme orgasms.


It looks like a baby blue phone, consisting of a microphone, a clip, and a base. It is a treasure that hides many functions. The microphone part is a comfort stick inserted into the body. The vibration frequency can be controlled by adjusting the digital buttons on the base, and it can be used with lubricant to enter and exit smoothly. Its vibration stimulates the inner wall of the vagina, the length is just right to reach the G-spot, and the orgasm occurs within ten minutes of use.

In addition to the pleasure in the body, the nipples and clitoris outside the body are also the focus of attention. The three sensitive parts can be stimulated together to enhance the pleasure, while my boyfriend only cares about his own pleasure and never kneads for me. Fix its two clips on the nipples, and the numb feeling spreads from the nipples to the whole body, and the mild sadism doubles the pleasure.

There is a surprise hidden on the base, a tongue sucking area specially designed for the clitoris, lightly press it on the clitoris, the trembling tongue licks and stimulates repeatedly, and the love juice begins to secrete involuntarily. The clitoris has always been a neglected place, and it is the mystery of the orgasm. My boyfriend only knows how to rub my breasts but refuses to help me stimulate the clitoris. The "telephone" successfully helped me make up for the joy of orgasm.

Using the base, breast clip and microphone at the same time, all sensitive areas of the body are mobilized and awakened. The breasts gradually protruded and hardened under the slight trembling of the nipple clips. The clitoris was constantly licked, secreting a lot of love juice, the puss became hot and thirsty, and the love juice soaked the sheets. The comfort rod in the vagina was constantly trembling, stimulating the inner wall to tighten and relax with the piston movement, and the orgasms came one after another. The first day it came to me, I couldn't wait to start using it. I climaxed four times in one night, and finally experienced the orgasm experience of mobilizing the pleasure of the whole body.

The appearance of the cute telephone is similar to children's toys, and it is not easy to be found when placed on the bedside or desk. A friend asked me what it is for, and I explained it as a small toy for decompression, but I didn't find any real way to use it. Its sound is extremely small, and it is safe and exciting to use in the dormitory. You can experience orgasm while watching short videos. After having it, I no longer depend on the happiness given by boys, the telephone is my true love of sexual desire!

January 09, 2023 — BeYourLover亞太華語

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