In sexual life, there are eight practices that can benefit one's essence, and seven practices that can damage one's essence. This is the "seven losses and eight benefits" in the so-called sexual intercourse regimen in ancient times. "Seven losses and eight benefits" are various sexual health care measures and sexual taboo experiences summed up by the ancients in the process of room health preservation. The earliest theory of "seven losses and eight benefits" was put forward in the ancient medical book "Tian Xia Zhi Dao Tan". "Seven losses and eight benefits "The atrioventricular health preservation method summed up on the basis of comprehensive mental health care, sexual physical health care , sexual behavior norms, qigong guidance and other aspects of knowledge.

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The following mainly introduces the various principles, movements, postures, and precautions for couples during sexual intercourse in ancient books, including ten repairs, ten knots, eight contemplations, five desires, five sounds, seven losses and eight benefits, etc.

The seven damages of intrauterine surgery health preservation:
It means that there are seven practices in the room life that are harmful to the human body.
1. Closure: Men and women suffering from diseases are not allowed to have intercourse. If you do not restrain yourself, you may hurt the five internal organs.
2. Ejaculation: refers to the premature ejaculation of men’s semen during intercourse; because sweat is also essence, so when intercourse is like sweating profusely, or when profuse sweating, the essence will be released from two ways, so it is also called external vent. Later works in Fangzhong also regarded body sweating and sweating like rain as a taboo for copulation.
3. Exhaustion: due to too frequent intercourse, the semen is exhausted during intercourse.
4. Don't: People who can't get an erection in their sexual organs can't force sex, otherwise it will be useless.
5. Annoyance: Anyone who suffers from shortness of breath, flustered, and restlessness should not have intercourse, as doing so will aggravate the condition.
6. Absolutely: A man and a woman do not want to have sex and force handover, which is very harmful to the physical and mental health of one party, just like falling into a desperate situation. Or it means that the penis is lifted but not hard to have intercourse, the sperm is released halfway, and the essence is exhausted.
7. Fee: Refers to excessive haste and speed during intercourse, which wastes energy in vain.

The Eight Benefits of Health Preservation by Intercourse Surgery:
Refers to eight kinds of practices that have a beneficial effect on sexual affairs, from which the effect of promoting fitness and longevity can be obtained.
1. Governance of qi: refers to the practice of exhaling and exhaling on weekdays, regulating the breath, so as to consolidate the essence and accumulate essence.
2. To cause foam: To cause foam is to induce body fluid, which refers to taking sublingual body fluid continuously when practicing Daoyin Qi circulation.
3. Wisdom and time: Wisdom is knowing, knowing the time is to grasp the right time for intercourse, knowing the time and doing it.
4. Animal energy: animal energy accumulation, refers to the accumulation of essence energy before intercourse.
5. Hemo: refers to a man and a woman kissing each other and sucking their body fluid, and also refers to the soothing action of intercourse while the Yin fluid is endless.
6. Stealing qi: It means accumulating qi, which refers to the withdrawal of the penis when the penis is still erect after intercourse, which is conducive to the accumulation of essence.
7. Temple wins. Temple, holding also, refers to always keep the energy full.
8. Dingqing: same inclination of Qing, refers to abstinent intercourse on weekdays, when you have sex, you will be calm and relaxed, and there is no risk of penis dumping (referring to impotence, premature ejaculation).

Ten practices of health preservation in the house:
Refers to the ten principles of sexual intercourse health preservation, that is, the ten methods of adopting essence and blood energy during sexual intercourse between men and women.
1. Inducing qi: regulate essence and blood qi.
2. Fixed foam: the mouth contains body fluid.
3. Treatment of joints: move joints, reconcile essence and blood qi.
4. Laoshi: Stimulate the woman's grain, that is, the clitoris.
5. Timely: choose the most appropriate time.
6. Generalist: Initiate sexual intercourse.
7. Micro-movement: The intercourse action should be soothing and gentle.
8. Sustaining surplus: keep the blood full and full of energy.
9. Qi Sheng: Enough is enough, it is beneficial to health preservation.
10. Breath shape: after the end of sexual intercourse, you should exhale deeply to replenish essence and blood.

The ten sections of health preservation in the house surgery:
Also known as "ten heat", it refers to ten sexual intercourse positions.
1. Tiger roaming, that is, walking like a tiger.
2. Cicada attachment, that is, the attachment of cicadas when handing over.
3. Inchworm, that is, sexual intercourse is like the flexion and extension of an inchworm.
4. Repulsive, that is, sexual intercourse like an elk.
5. Locust scorpion, that is, the mating of locusts.
6. Ape fighting, that is, the catching and fighting of apes.
7. Toad, that is, the sexual posture is like toad mating.
8. Rabbit duck, like a rabbit rushing and chasing after it.
9. Dragonfly, that is, mating like a dragonfly.
10. Fish sucking, that is, like a fish sucking and swallowing.

Eight Views of Health Preservation in the Room:
Also known as "eight movements", it refers to the general term for the technique in which the man observes the eight different gestures of the woman and cooperates with them during sexual intercourse.
1. Take over (the woman stretches out her hands to hug the man, which can promote the closeness of the two abdomens and enhance the pleasure).
2. Stretch (monthly payment) (stretch the thighs of the legs, implying the desire to rub the top of the vulva).
3. Straight heels (straighten the heels, raise the buttocks to cater to, intending the penis to go deeper).
4. Side hook (turn your feet sideways to hook the man, wanting to rub both sides of the vulva).
5. Upper hook (raise both feet to hook the person, intending to rub the lower part of the vulva).
6. Intersection (legs intertwined to prevent the penis from being inserted too deeply, hoping to enhance the pleasure).
7. Flat jump (female lying on her back with her abdomen stretched out, wanting to feel more friction in the shallow part of her genitals).
8. Vibration (the female body and buttocks are shaken to make the sexual organs of both sides connected for a long time).
These women's actions and sexual hints should be observed and cooperated by the man, hence the name Baguan.

The five tones of health preservation in the room:
1. Throat breath: Hearing the soothing sound of the woman's breath during sexual intercourse implies that her sexual desire is rising sharply.
2. Wheezing: Hearing the sound of wheezing indicates that the sexual pleasure is approaching climax, and the music is incomparable.
3. Tired and mourning: hearing the sound of yin fluid dripping and rubbing, expressing admiration.
4. Exhale: Wen Jiaochen groans, indicating that the woman is already in hot and sweet love.
5. Teeth gnashing: Hearing the provocative words of the woman, the body shakes itself, implying the sexual desire to stay for a long time.

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