Every man has the experience of 1, 2, 3, paying the bill when living a married life, especially a novice who is just close to doing things, a virgin, and ejaculate before or just after a few penetrations. This is all normal (some people say how long the first shot is, don’t listen to their bragging), if you want to do things for a longer time, the most basic thing is to do it a few times (preferably when you have a wife , can do a few shots every day, take your time, don't worry), don't lose confidence in yourself when the time is short the first few times! ! !

1. First of all, you must have confidence in yourself (it is normal for the first few times to be short, and it does not matter)

Second, it is best to take a hot bath before doing business, and wash the penis with warm water (the temperature in the vagina is also hot)

3. If you are not confident enough about your current duration, you can usually use some simulated electric masturbation cups . If possible, use real dolls for exercise. When the sensitivity of the glans decreases during long-term friction exercises, this Time to have a big fight with your sexual partner, you will definitely receive unexpected praise from the other party.

4. After inserting the vagina, don’t make big ups and downs, twitch little by little, one after another (to learn self-control ability), when you feel that you are going to shoot, (this is the key) don’t twitch, stop for a few minutes, and insert Don't move in the vagina, communicate with your partner for a while, wait until the pleasure has passed, and in the slow thrusting, it is best to talk to the woman about things that have nothing to do with work at this time, to relieve the pleasure. Repeating it several times will help you build up a high level of confidence. At this time, when you ask a woman if she has reached a high level, ordinary women will ejaculate like men when they reach a high level. Pump slowly for a while, and when the woman feels pleasure, you will pump vigorously, and the speed should be fast. When you ejaculate, it happens to be her most wonderful coming. Develop this habit, and after a long time, you will also Office hours extended

Five, after a certain stage, at this time, you will thrust vigorously from the beginning, don’t be afraid, and the more you do it, the longer it will take, but you have to pay attention to one thing (the work itself is a matter for both men and women, don’t If you feel better, no matter who you are, you can extend the time, so that women can also enjoy the fun of doing things. If you can keep doing this, all women in the world will love you to death)

Sixth, if it still doesn't work, just wear a thicker condom and do as I said. A thicker condom can effectively reduce the sensitivity of the glans.

Seven, slowly form a habit, don't worry, when the obstacles in your heart are removed, you will feel like a fish in water.

December 29, 2022 — BeYourLover亞太華語

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