In the previous article, we picked up the taste of the boudoir of ancient beauties. Women bound by feudal ethics used sex toys to solve their physiological needs and satisfy their sexual desires. In contrast, ancient men were more free and open. Due to the custom of three wives and four concubines, each man could have multiple partners. For example: an elegant and dignified wife, a gentle and petite lover, a warm and sexy maid, etc. Faced with so many partners, men will inevitably feel powerless, so many sex toys have been developed as auxiliary tools to meet the sexual needs of many beauties. Next, let us continue to have a look at the private pleasures of ancient men, and learn from their wonderful sex life.

1. Sheep eye circle

Goat eye circles, as the name suggests, are made by cutting the upper and lower eyelashes of goats into circles. The coronal groove worn between the male glans and the penis continuously rubs against the inner wall after being inserted into the female vagina, making the female feel intense pleasure. The sheep's eye ring is the prototype of the mace condom. The natural animal hair is soft in texture, and it is not easy to fall off when rubbed at high speed. It is deeply loved by ancient men.

2. Hanging jade ring

The hanging jade ring is a hollow jade ring made of jade with a circumference similar to that of a man's erect penis. It is used to put on the root of the man's penis, which can exercise the male erectile function, and at the same time rub and stimulate the female clitoris during sexual intercourse, so as to achieve the effect of enhancing the pleasure of both parties. The production cost of hanging jade rings is relatively high, and they are usually spread among the ancient aristocrats. They are easy to wear and have remarkable effects, and are highly sought after by noble men.

hanging jade ring

3. Silver support

Yintuozi is the unique magic weapon of Jin Pingmei Zhongximen high officials. Ximen high officials have many wives and concubines, and it is obviously difficult to maintain an erection all the time, so he specially created this magic weapon. The silver support is a hollow metal penis, which can be worn on the male penis, and it is extremely hard and never slack. During the sexual life, it doubles the pleasure of women, and it will not be weak for several hours. With this magic weapon, Ximen Daguan conquered countless romantic women and became a famous sex toy god in the history of Chinese stories.

silver tray

4. Stag blood wine

In addition to assistive devices, ancient men also took aphrodisiac health care products for aphrodisiac. Deer blood wine is a natural health product for aphrodisiac and aphrodisiac in ancient times. Drink some before sexual life, and you will soon feel dryness and excitement in your body, and your penis erection will greatly increase your libido. As a pure natural tonic, deer blood wine will not cause harm or burden to the body, while enhancing male sexual function and prolonging the time of intercourse.

5. Umbilical seal cream

Umbilical sealant is used on the navel of men, but its function is not to treat hemorrhoids. It's a special time-delay oil. This thing is deeply loved by senior officials in Ximen. After using it, it maintains an erection for a long time, and can have sex with many wives and concubines wantonly. In modern times, men will choose Viagra, Indian oil and delay spray to increase the time of sexual behavior. The emergence of these health products has witnessed the historical evolution of men's pursuit of strong sexual function and improved the quality of sexual life of countless partners.

January 04, 2023 — BeYourLover亞太華語

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