I don't have much research on how women masturbate, but I have some experience in men masturbating. Simply wrapping the glans with a foreskin to masturbate is something that is often done at the age of twelve or thirteen, and the pleasure is not strong. If you want to be more exciting, please do the following:

1: Saliva Advantages: It is convenient to obtain materials and get them at will. Disadvantages: Hands stink after masturbating, and so do dicks.

2: Soap Advantages: The viscosity can be adjusted, and it will become thinner with water. Cons: Dries too fast.

3: Advantages of shower gel: It is suitable for most comrades, and the pleasure is moderate.

4: Scrub facial cleanser Advantages: It is very irritating to the glans. Cons: Shoots too fast.

5: Towel Advantages: Same as above Disadvantages: First-time users of dry towels will break the foreskin. It is recommended to use it after a full erection, or use a towel with shower gel.

6: Toilet paper Advantages: Same as above Disadvantages: Use with caution if you have no experience for more than ten years. (Method: Press down on the foreskin to completely expose the glans, wrap the penis with toilet paper and rub it up and down.)

7: Prickly heat powder Advantages: Super slippery Disadvantages: Disadvantages: Prickly heat powder will paste the horse's eyes after ejaculation.

8: Anti-itch and anti-inflammatory water (used for washing) Pros: super cool Disadvantages: first-time users will immediately soften.

9: Skin cream Pros: Fragrant dick after use Disadvantages: My wife always complains that cosmetics are used too quickly.

10: Johnson's baby oil is professionally used for pushing oil, and has many advantages.

11: Add salt or chili oil to the soap solution Disadvantages: Used by the strong, not suitable for the general public.

12: The method of improving the condom: more than ten condoms, cut off the small ends, do not unfold, and put them all on the penis. Advantages: tighter than tight. Cons: wasteful.

13: Banana peel Method: Cut off the two ends of the extra-large banana and remove the inner flesh for use. Advantages: Slippery, tight Disadvantages: People with big dicks cannot buy suitable bananas.

14: The Coke bottle is just for fun, you can’t get it out if you insert it in!

15: Electric Masturbation Cup : Advantages: Moderately priced, highly realistic, and some masturbation cups also have the function of simulating electric sounds. It plays like a real person. Disadvantages: You need to buy it in a special adult product store and you need a private storage space.

16: Sex doll : Advantages: It has many advantages, perfectly matches the body of a real person, plays exactly like a real person, feels even better than a real person, and will not refuse any unreasonable requests from oneself. Feel free to be as cool as you want, and turn up till dawn. Disadvantages: Slightly small and expensive, except for a little more expensive, I can't think of other disadvantages. If you have money, it is strongly recommended to start an experience.

sex doll

December 22, 2022 — BeYourLover亞太華語

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