Exploring the G-spot: The G-spot of women has always been a mysterious area that men want to explore and explore. You might as well try it tonight. Put the lubricated fingers deep into the vagina with the palm facing upwards, and you will find a 1-yuan coin-sized part with a rough touch in the first 1/3—this is the G-spot. You can gently massage the G-spot slowly and in circles. After the woman feels pleasure, use two fingers or tongue to increase the stimulation, so that he can reach the peak of orgasm!

beauty temptation

Feminist supremacy: Who said that sex must be controlled by men? When making love today, unexpectedly tie his hands on the head of the bed with a silk scarf or press them on top of his head, and then straddle him, pleasing yourself with your favorite posture and speed. He won't feel uncomfortable because of it, but the way you are enjoying it will make him lustful! So, let him be your sexual captive!

Trembling game: In addition to being used on women, the massage stick can also be used as a small prop to please men! Gently massage his nipples, scrotum, glans, or any sensitive area with a vibrating massager during foreplay. Compared with the stimulation brought by your hands or lips and tongue, the feeling of rapid trembling and light rubbing against the skin is not a lot of fun!

The calm before the storm: Tonight, when the man pumps halfway, first pull out the penis, apply sufficient lubricant on the woman's clitoris, vaginal opening and man's penis, and then change to a faster and more intense pumping method. Compared with the usual gentle and relaxed sex, this kind of intense and submissive sex is a different experience for both parties. If you try it once in a while, the result is guaranteed to surprise the two of you!

Condom Wars: Which Condom Are You Using? Sometimes the function of condoms is contraception, and unsuitable condoms can also bring unsuitable touch and stimulation! Particles, threads, special shapes..., wearing these condoms made of different materials for the penis, when you enter her vagina, the feeling of the condom rubbing against the vaginal wall must be very different! TIPS- The nemesis of latex condoms: When applying oil-based lubricants to condoms, if you want to use lubricating fluids, you should choose water-based lubricants instead of oil-based ones, because oil-based lubricants will damage latex condoms.

Double "rod" game: The massage stick and the penis bring very different stimulation to women! In addition to the use of masturbation, the massage stick can also bring a little change to making love. When your penis enters his body, you can use the massage stick and the penis alternately. The two different speeds and vibrations can make women's pleasure go up and down like a roller coaster, but it is always exciting!

Chef of Lust: As the saying goes: To grab a man's heart, you must first grab his stomach. You might as well cook a picky meal for him tonight, but the point is not what you "cook", but what you "wear": sexy tulle underwear + tomorrow's stockings + ultra-short mini apron. Go into the kitchen, cook, and serve, and use your eyes to guide you, and touch your body intentionally or unintentionally, to ensure that he will "know the taste" in the future, and just want to eat your ice cream!

Strippers: Pick a CD that you think is the sexiest and most provocative, dim the lights, put on sexy underwear, and put on thin clothes that can make the curves faintly visible, put on black stockings and high heels, and dance in front of you. Halfway through the scene, tell him to lie still on the bed while you straddle his lap and start a strip show that will get his blood pumping!

Bedside story: I don't know why, men and women always have endless fantasies about the opposite sex wearing dresses. Tonight, you might as well put on a suit jacket and skirt similar to a flight attendant's dress, with nothing on under the dress, and he plays the role of "Australian" on the plane. When you bend down to do things for him, the spring scene in your dress and the stewardess' coquettishness will be revealed from time to time, which will definitely melt the heart of this "Australian".

Love Peng Peng: Maybe you have taken a mandarin duck bath, but have you ever tried to take a mandarin duck bath and have sex at the same time? Prepare lubricating fluid, light (a fragrant candle or essential oil, put a tank of lukewarm water, two people take a bubble bath together, and then use the method of half lying in the bathtub and the woman straddling on it, Have an intense water activity!

Wash it and then air dry it naturally; but be careful: don't wash the massage stick in water. It's better to put a condom on the massage stick coat and then use it. Just lay out a mat or blanket on the bed, prepare massage oil, put on sexy pajamas, then start from the big toe, go up to the calf and thigh, bypass the key parts, and let the lust accumulate. Female friends, don't forget that in addition to hands, breasts are also small props that can make him burn with desire!

Electronic erotic book: write an e-mail or letter, in which you try your best to provocate, tell your desire for him and your wild sexual fantasies in explicit words, and then send it to his office! On the day he receives this letter, he must be itchy all day long and have no intention of working. He just wants to get off work and make trouble with you!

Love's wake-up call: Does he always have trouble getting up in the morning? There must be a way to solve this problem. This morning, while he was still lying on the Kaoqin bed, I got under the quilt and gave him a special "wake-up call" - gently stimulating his sensitive parts with hands and mouth. This will not only cheer him up, but also make him eager to join you in this dreamlike way!

Watery upper body: put away the sexy pajamas tonight, and ask him to wait outside the room first, while you replace all clothes and makeup with provocative watery clothes such as strawberries, grapes, cherries, etc. point itself. After he entered the door, the scene that greeted his eyes not only greatly increased his appetite, but also his sexual desire was like a rocket launch, with a flying love and a seductive body. This is not only more real and exciting than watching A movies, but also there is no need to worry about recording your own sex scene and leaking the indecent video tape!

The whole body is out: The most fearful thing in sex is that it will remain the same, so today when the other party is taking a bath, you might as well raid the bathroom, while helping him gently rub the bath milk from head to toe, while making good use of your hands, lips, chest, and legs instead Bath balls. The bathroom not only allows you to try different sex positions, but also the lubricating effect of the bath milk will make your skin feel different! TIPS- Change your posture and do things standing up! Among the sexual positions, the standing position is a more difficult method. A man and a woman can hug each other face to face, and the woman raises her foot to hook the man's buttocks and legs, allowing the man to enter from the front. If the indecent man is strong enough, he can also hug the woman and let the woman wrap her feet around the man.

Fast Food Sex: No Time? Why not come to "fast food sex". Imagine that two people are having an affair, and there is a danger of being discovered at any time, so both parties must climb to the top of the mountain of desire in the shortest possible time. You will find that the taste of two people trying their best to please each other is very different from the usual simmering lust!

Watch me make the bed: Sometimes watching the other person please you can ignite the passion that may exceed your imagination! Pull a chair to the bed and let him sit in the chair while you lie on the bed and please yourself with your favorite methods and props.

Dream Dress: Find an erotic novel in a bookstore or online, and read it to the other party in your sexiest voice. But don't jump on each other at the beginning, the two of you will sit on one side of the bed first, I believe that after 10 minutes, the desire in the body must have accumulated to the point of being on the verge of breaking out!

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