I believe that many men and women already know that high-quality sex is determined by the comprehensive factors of foreplay, sex and afterplay, and any link is very important. In particular, sexual foreplay plays an important role in the beginning of sexual intercourse. The so-called "everything is difficult at the beginning", but once you get off to a good start, you can make sex as refreshing as clouds and freely.

ambiguous foreplay

Playing ambiguous skills is ambiguous, which is quite attractive to both men and women, especially ambiguous. When a sexy stunner with a hot figure is nestled in a man's arms, if he is not incompetent, he will definitely "love" her very much. Of course, being ambiguous requires a series of provocations, such as intentionally touching his limbs with his breasts, or blowing hot air into his ears. The most direct way is to sit directly between his legs, but don't press on important parts. In this way, your sexual interest will increase greatly.

Teasing with the power of language is a very effective way to stimulate sexual desire. There are behavioral teasing, verbal teasing, facial teasing... Among them, verbal teasing is the most commonly used one, but it also needs to master certain skills. Although it can make men feel numb all over, not everyone likes it. Therefore, choose different tone and words according to his preferences. There are two best times to use language to tease, first, before and after bathing; second, lying on the bed and getting ready to fall asleep.

Give full play to the power of touch During sex, the human skin can be said to be the most sensitive part of the human body. If you feel that the touch is not good enough during sex, you can use LELO's Nia massager. Just touch a button and experience all the pleasure it brings to your clit. Stylish and silent, the palm-sized Nia is placed between partners during lovemaking to precisely massage the body parts that need it most, satisfying all your innermost desires. Swipe it over sensitive areas of your body, inner thighs, breasts... or intimate parts of your body, looking for areas that make your heart beat faster. Stop there, adjust the vibration speed and mode, and let the vibration go straight to your heart. Finally, you can slide it into privacy, unleash passion, and reach blissful bliss.

It is good to use the skill of fun, and it can also improve the quality of sex and let the desire start to boil psychologically. You can use some interesting little methods, such as a stimulating wild sex, say some loose words as long as both parties are acceptable, or role-playing. Or use some novel and interesting sex toys . Using sex toys can make two people feel different sexual stimulation. Sometimes it is more effective than skilled bed kung fu.

In addition to some of the above skills, there are many ways to improve the quality of sex. If you feel that your body or private parts are dry, you can also apply some lubricating fluid to relieve the dryness and enjoy Lubricated enough for sex. Master some correct moves for sex, especially foreplay, such as massage sticks or vibrating eggs . With the blessing of massage sticks, vibrating eggs, etc., your girlfriend will definitely get a perfect foreplay experience.

jumping egg

December 16, 2022 — BeYourLover亞太華語

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