Ms. Eileen Chang once said: "Getting a woman's heart is through her vagina." A woman's vagina is the most sensitive part of the body and easy to get psychological comfort. It needs careful care and comfort. The nourishment of the secret garden can make the whole person radiant, surpassing the modification of countless skin care products and make-up, and enjoy the beauty and temperament from the inside of the body. High-quality sexual life can better stimulate the vagina and fully experience the pleasure and stimulation of vaginal orgasm, but most women cannot achieve orgasm during sexual life, so they need the assistance of some props. Vibrating egg is the best product for delicate women to pursue orgasm. It can achieve the greatest pleasure in the shortest time. It is a treasure that users can't put it down.

The following is an introduction to the five most powerful secrets used by Tiaodan, come and pick it!

  1. Capsule-type egg-tiaodang —the little bee dancing in the flower core. Capsule-type egg-tiaodang is the most commonly used egg-tiao product for women, and it is usually divided into two parts: the main body and the remote control. It is built into the vagina of girls. First-time users can apply some lubricant and gently push it into the vagina, then turn on the switch to adjust the frequency according to their own sensitivity. It can be placed in the body for a long time and used at any time. The vibration made the lower body numb and crispy, and the tide was surging, and the climaxes were rapid.
    Elmer Remote Control Vibrator
  2. Meat stick type vibrating egg - the shape of the hunk who is subdued by the beautiful woman's skirt is similar to the cock of the hunk. With its company, you can forget about your doggy boyfriend and enjoy the pleasure of the vagina being full. It is divided into different sizes according to the needs of girls. Most girls tend to choose products with a diameter of 3-4 cm, which can generate pleasure through thrusting and electric vibration. Wearing a condom and applying lubricant before use can improve the comfort of the product, insert it into the vagina and turn on the switch, and perform the thrusting piston movement. The pleasure is far beyond the monotonous thrusting of the penis, and the orgasm is comfortably reached in the tremor.
    jumping egg
  3. Whale-shaped jumping egg ——to entertain the body and mind anytime, anywhere. It looks like a candy-colored whale with an upturned tail. There are a lot of fun hidden under the cute appearance. The tail part is used to stimulate the female clitoris, while the dolphin body is used to stimulate the G-spot with the built-in vagina, and the double pleasure bursts out together. As the key parts of female orgasm, the clitoris and G-spot double the pleasure under joint stimulation. You can put on underwear after stuffing the vibrating eggs, feel safe and bold to go out for training, and feel the strong contrast. It is especially suitable for girls with strong desires and SM masters and servants.
    whale jumping egg
  4. AV stick - a great item from the studio to the bedroom A popular prop from the Japanese AV studio - the AV stick, can be described as the most familiar product. The round electric contacts can change the gear bit by hand, whether it is a couple to add to the fun or alone, you can get the perfect pleasure. Place the round head on the clitoris, gently touch and stimulate, and the love juice will immediately appear surging.
    AV stick
  5. Tongue-licking vibrating egg —a baby that licks like a puppy. Its appearance has obvious characteristics. It has a small electric tongue, which is delicate and cute, and it is cute for girls. Its tongue was soft, and when it opened, it quickly began to lick the clit, a hundred times better than a clumsy boyfriend. The pleasure of licking is an upgraded version of the tremor, which fully mobilizes the sensitive nerves of the girls' clitoris, and the pleasure is like a tidal wave. Suitable for virgins and women who need clitoral orgasm.
    jumping egg
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