For a long time, I don’t know much about adult products, and I don’t think I can use them at all. But after being with my girlfriend, I feel that sometimes I can’t do what I want. I can’t solve it for a while. Looking at the disappointing eyes of my girlfriend again and again, my heart feels like a knife.

Until one time after drinking, I accidentally told my friend about this matter. The friend smiled mysteriously and recommended an adult toy to me. At first, I still didn’t trust it very much. I bought it with the attitude of trying . In the end, I bought vibrating eggs and a few massage sticks for women. My girlfriend was very embarrassed when she saw it. At first, my girlfriend told me that she refused, but then I kept encouraging her, hoping that she could try it with me. Every time she is with me, she is very nervous and can't relax well. I also know that lubricants will also add ingredients that stimulate women. That time we drank some wine to add to the fun, and when we used the massage stick later, she felt so stimulated that she kept crying and begging me. We were very happy that time. I also understand that adult products are not something to be ashamed to talk about. They can not only increase the relationship between lovers, but also add some color to our life. The use of adult products in the process of sexual life can not only satisfy both parties physically and mentally, but also enhance the self-confidence of the partner and promote a more harmonious life.

Butterfly Massager

Since then, we will try more different kinds of sex toys together, such as massage sticks or anime masturbation cups, etc. They really have different stimulating feelings. We are very happy to see each other, and we feel that our sex life is very harmonious . I finally know that there are many benefits of using sex toys during sex . It can not only be beneficial to physical and mental health, but also improve the quality of sexual life and enhance self-confidence. Now girlfriends often take the initiative to find some novel sex toys, and we play together all night.

In this way, I also became a person who can use sex toys. I also often share the experience of using toys with my friends, and recommend fun adult toys to them. Many people have certain misunderstandings about the use of adult products, but in fact, using sex toys can satisfy both parties very much, and many doctors will also recommend them, so there is nothing embarrassing when you need them, and you can try boldly. Colleagues hope that more and more people can find their own happiness in addition to the pressure of life and fast pace.

All in all, adult toys bring a lot of different feelings and fun to our life, so that we can have some private space of our own in addition to the boring life, and can also relax our body and mind to a certain extent. We must also look at adult products with positive energy. It can help us solve our physical problems, and it can also give us some relief in our hearts.
November 14, 2022 — BeYourLover亞太華語

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