The epidemic was unblocked. In order to celebrate the end of the epidemic, the good sister and her husband specially got rid of their two children and went to the island for a romantic vacation. I have to take small blue pills every day. I never thought that the good sister just replied vaguely: "It would be great to go back to the past!" Our gossip radar started scanning, and we pushed her various men's kidney health care products tacitly, The best friend smiled and told us the whole story, and we realized that women are the queens of the movie when they are happy!
Girlfriends and husbands have a good relationship, but they have been in a stable relationship for a long time or have lived together for several years, and they basically maintain a roommate relationship with the partner. Especially with a baby, the two of them have no distracting thoughts at all, and they don't have the idea of ​​just getting acquainted with each other. One, because we are already familiar with it, "left hand touches right hand" or become brothers, although it is not that exaggerated, but it will indeed cause burnout. Second, sometimes we all have a lot of things to do, one party is interested in inviting us, while the other party has been abused into a dog in the workplace and just wants to go to bed early. This often happens!
Therefore, although the girlfriend’s island tour is only free, both of them feel that it is not enjoyable. There is no ups and downs after the fierce battle and the joy and excitement of exploring new skills. The girlfriend can only use her acting skills to coax her husband. For my girlfriends, I can’t wait to let my husband watch the new 2022 porn, and re-tutoring.

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East Asian women are really tactful in expressing this aspect. Sisters should face up to their own needs and express them bravely, although it is not easy. In the concept of Asian culture, women cannot "take the initiative" or "I want my husband." This really puts moral shackles on every woman so that she can be controlled and oppressed. "I'm a little tired today" "I'm 40 years old, 10 minutes is not bad", my wife can only cater to fools, this life is over. Many elderly East Asian women feel that they have never known what an orgasm is like all their lives.
So if you are also a "movie queen" and if you are tired of being an "actress", sisters have to make changes to make yourself really happy. First of all, if your husband is really not good at technology, the current Internet resources can completely Personally, I have already enjoyed the "new blockbuster" to see how men and women express their desires. There are many boys and girls who are self-taught. I really want to see more of the outside world, and then buy some small props for the two of us . Whether it is underwear or sex toys , these are all tools to help couples discover new "forbidden areas" for each other. It will definitely not be activated at critical moments. The conditioning of our bodies allows us to have a good level of hormone secretion, so that we can always be ready to launch a shot into the soul. At the same time, the maintenance of the private parts is the same. If you read it patiently, I hope sisters We can go to the sky tonight!

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