The whole life of women is regarded as pure and beautiful by everyone. The image of a gentle and kind lady is the best compliment to them, while a lively and flamboyant woman will be considered naughty and impolite by the people around her. Therefore, women have always been regarded as such Constrained by ideas, I dare not pursue the things I like easily. But with the progress of the times, more and more women boldly break the secular vision, begin to welcome the free and unrestrained nature, bravely do what they like, are no longer constrained by concepts, and can boldly ask for sexual needs, and feel the happiest with their lover taste. However, there are still some traditional women who, due to their status, dare not face them even though they have needs. They have always maintained a pure and single state, and do not know how to relieve their sexual desires through sex toys. This article starts from the perspective of virgins, and researches suitable methods for them to vent their desires, which will not destroy the integrity of the body, but also fully enjoy the pleasure, so that every woman can freely enjoy sexual pleasure.

1. Vibrating eggs - the little devil takes you to explore the unknown new world

Vibrating eggs can be used not only for women who already have sex, but also for virgins! There is a hole with a diameter of one to two centimeters in the middle of the hymen, which is elastic to a certain extent, and menstrual blood and secretions flow out of the hole. The vibrating egg can be used on the clitoris, which is more convenient and quick, try it and you will know its beauty!

jumping egg

2. AV stick - the combination of angels and devils, the actress said it was cool

The AV stick has a round and lovely appearance, and when the switch is turned on, it turns into a little devil with high tremors. It is deeply loved by female friends, and countless female friends groan and call for surrender. AV sticks can be used on women's clitoris and breasts to generate pleasure through tremors and reach orgasm in a short time. Virgins can use it with confidence, and have the pleasure of having sex with top male stars, and fall in love in minutes.

AV stick

3. Thongs - friction into the body

Compared with ordinary underwear, thongs have very little fabric, and three straps make up the thong itself. The thin belt rubbed against the female's private parts, deeply embedded in the two thin lips, constantly rubbing and stimulating, the tide was turbulent and uncontrollable. Women who have never tried the pleasure of friction must be curious, what is the wonderful feeling? The answer is: Only you can test it yourself to know! Shy women can also try it boldly. Underwear will not be discovered by people around them. Pleasure is a little secret exclusive to themselves. Only by wearing thongs can you experience the joy of desire!

4. Shower head—impact the flower core and reach the orgasm

The warm water in the shower makes the skin feel numb and crispy, as if entering a fairyland. In the bathroom, you can let go of long-term fatigue and devote yourself to the world of soothing and relaxing. At this time, try the pleasure of the shower, come to a feast of sexual desire for self-entertainment, peel off your lips, and the water flow will stimulate slowly from top to bottom, light and slow for a while, and you can feel the orgasm in a short while experience. Female friends who live with family members or colleagues can also try it with confidence. No one can imagine the happiness covered by the flow of water in the bathroom, and it is also a bold and exciting adventure for themselves.

5. Clamp—Pain and happiness, desire reaches its peak

The most common item in the office is the file folder, but a small one can hold many files. Clips can not only hold paper, but also can be used to hold private parts, awakening pleasure through slight pain. Choose a clip with appropriate strength and size to clamp the nipple and private lips. It is recommended to choose a larger clip for the nipple, and enjoy the pleasure while pulling. It can be removed after use without leaving traces, it is more suitable for bold female friends to try, the wonderful pleasure is addictive!

March 07, 2023 — BeYourLover亞太華語

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